Sophomores endure long morning taking ACT prep test |

Sophomores endure long morning taking ACT prep test

Andrea Collier

Even though Thanksgiving is over, I still feel very thankful for a few things. For starters, I’m thankful for turkeys, because they are so tasty. I’m also thankful that even though Thanksgiving break is over and gone, the days and hours are few until Christmas break. And most of all, I’m thankful for the fact that I never have to take a standardized test ever again. I say this because today, sophomores will spend the entire morning taking the PLAN test. The PLAN is a practice version of the ACT, and while it’s mild in comparison, its still good practice for the real thing, the famous acronym that strikes cold terror into the heart of every high school student. Best wishes, and my sympathies.Winter sports kick into full gear and have their first games this week. Friday and Saturday, Dec. 6 and 7, girls and boys basketball teams participate in the annual Brenda Patch Tournament at Roaring Fork High School. The girls play at 5:30 p.m. Friday night, and the boys follow at 8 p.m. Saturday’s game times for Glenwood start at 2:30 p.m. I guess we’re due for the old adage, “Be there, or be square!”The speech team will also be competing on Saturday, Dec. 7. Speech team members truly deserve the utmost in respect for what they do. I can’t imagine speaking in front of people, judges no less, as a pleasure activity. Good luck ladies and gents!This week is fairly slow, being the calm before the holiday storm, and as a direct result, we are a little short on student of the week nominations. You’ll see what I mean momentarily. The students of the week this week are David Jimenez and your very own Andrea Collier. Feel free to groan about the latter, but the former certainly deserves it. David Jimenez is on his way to becoming a long-time Colorado resident since he’s lived here for six years. He lives with his mom, Gloria Torres, and his little sister Susana, who is 5.David, along with most everyone else in ski-country, can’t wait to get up to the mountain and go snowboarding. He’s really looking forward to his friend’s birthday, since they’ve planned a group snowboarding trip up to Aspen, to take advantage of their four-mountain passes.Besides boarding, David likes to skateboard, listen to music, and pursue art. He is planning on taking as many art classes as he can before he graduates to enhance his skills, but he doesn’t know what he wants to do as a career yet.You’ve already had the opportunity to get to know me through this article, so I’ll share with you how being student of the week can be hazardous to your health. Students of the week receive a coupon to a free lunch at Wendy’s for their accomplishments. I was enjoying this fine and free cuisine with a few of my friends when I nearly joined the ranks of those who have had near-death experiences.I was happily munching on ice when a large cube slipped into the chasm that is my esophagus. As my friends stared on dumbly, I vainly tried to swallow the ice cube. It was too large. I tried to cough the cube up. It would not come up. Panic set in. Surely I would die before the ice cube melted small enough to clear my air passage! I tried to communicate that I was choking. My friends still stared dumbly.Finally, the good ol’ gag reflex kicked in and the ice cube fairly flew out of my mouth. I stared at the offending object slowly melting on the table. Future students of the week, consider this your columnist general’s warning. Ice cubes don’t care if you are student of the week, and will take any opportunity to harm you. To close my most likely once and only student of the week spotlight, I’d like to cite a mentor of mine. “Way to go handsome!” (or beautiful, in my case!)Random Disclosure: A strange creature is rumored to haunt the girls’ bathroom near the gym. A long, hideously ugly silverfish has been seen darting under the heater on several occasions.

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