Starting the new year with gratitude |

Starting the new year with gratitude

The fierce cold that was with us most of December is gone but the plentiful snow from years ago has returned, and for that I’m thankful.My neighbor Bob and I shoveled more snow from the big storm last week than we moved all of last winter. We take breaks and talk while we clear our driveways.Another thing to be thankful for is good neighbors and friends.Come to think of it, there is much to be grateful for as the New Year approaches.Rather than make resolutions that don’t last very long, why not reflect on the good things of 2005.First and foremost, I am glad beyond words for my family and the fact that we are all healthy. Thank you Duana, DeAnza, Amber and Linn for your love and support.We all have a house over our heads that we call home.Next on the list comes my job. Many good people have lost not only their livelihood but everything they own, only because they were in harm’s way from Mother Nature’s storms.To think that I have been fortunate enough to have a career doing what I always dreamed of doing as a kid gives me cause to reflect on how rare that is.Being part of a group of caring and committed people who help conserve America’s precious resources is as good as it gets for me.Which makes me that much more thankful for my co-workers who make it possible to want to come to work and be part of making a difference.Living in a country where freedom of speech gives me the opportunity to write these words you are reading humbles me beyond all ability to express my gratitude.I am thankful for this newspaper and all who work for it. You have made room for this column and you have always made me feel welcome.To each of you who take time out of your day to allow me to be a part of it, a big thanks is also due. Whether we agree or not, your thoughtful words encourage me to keep writing.Kudos goes to CARE for providing “Pard” the dog as a companion for my father-in-law’s last days on earth. And from the time we wheeled my mother through your front door until she passed away, “Stella” the calico cat was a perfect fit for her. Keep up the good work.To the community and individuals who support Colorado Mountain College, a big hug. What a great place to be part of the teaching faculty.To all my CMC students who feed my passion for learning, may each and every one of you continue in your quest for knowledge and wisdom.For those who cast doubt on my decisions and who threw roadblocks in my way, thank you for giving me pause to reconsider my actions.Thank you, Creator, for another year of life. May hope fill our hearts in believing the new one coming will be even better.Usually writing from over 25 years of experience with federal land management agencies, in this column, Bill Kight, of Glenwood Springs, is thankful to be able to share his stories with readers every other week.

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