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Straight Up

Poor Martha. She greased the muffin tins but not the politicians! Grease is everywhere in Washington, D.C. Nothing is made to happen (or not happen) without it. How could she have missed that?

They said “campaign coffers,” and she gave them champagne and coffee, maybe? They said “payola” and got granola?

And it is not even really about insider trading, to add insult to injury. Insider trading is a revered and time-honored tradition with the financially and politically elite and happens every day of the world. And with reckless abandon at the highest levels. The insider trading laws are for the rest of us.

Martha has become the scapegoat and poster person because she is high profile and expendable and obviously not on the “A” team. No, it is the “A” team, which is trotting out for public consumption how illegal and offensive insider trading is to them and how they will stop at nothing to protect us from it. Sound familiar? Just like a mere few days ago, the biggest accounting frauds on the planet (Congress) were “protecting ” us from corporate shenanigans.

So we have Martha front and center while the real crooks, Robert Rubin, Joe Leiberman, Alan Greenspan, Terry McAuliffe, Enron, Global Crossings, WorldCom, Qwest, etc., – the boys lying about and then stealing BILLIONS – are taking a walk in the park.

And let me never forget to mention the Bill and Hill Gang, or the “gruesome twosome.” Didn’t Hill turn $1,000 into $100,000 in a heartbeat, in cattle futures? And guess who was involved in that? ImClone execs! How ’bout that? Sound like insider trading to you? Nah. That was back when $100,000 was serious coin for her. Chickenfeed now. A Democrat Congressmen whose name escapes me – thank God – said of Hill’s maneuver, “That was a good deal, wasn’t it?” He didn’t say “insider trading.” Hum. And Terry McAuliffe, the Democrat National Chairman and Bill and Hill’s banker back when they needed one. Let’s see, $100,000 turned into $18 MILLION in Global Crossings, maybe two heart beats. Insider trading? Certainly not!

And the worst part is that all it took to hide the ball in Martha’s court was one wink and nod to the bureaucrats and media. And add “right-wing conspiracy” to Martha’s recipe and we have liberal icing on the cake.

Now I understand Republicans are not above all of this, but the fact is Bush and Cheney are clean on their deals, having been investigated six ways to Sunday, but the truth about a Republican, when it is unpleasant to them, will never stop the liberals.

The real point of all of this is the major arrow in my contemptuous and irreverent quiver, which, as you know, is egregious liberal bias in the media. It has been so insidious, pervasive and excessive for so long that my long-standing theory has now become axiomatic: “As to the general public, the media controls absolutely what you think about (subject) and what you think about (opinion) what you are thus thinking about.” Sorry for all of this “thinking” but think about that.

When is the last time (or ever) that you debated anything at the water cooler or punch bowl that didn’t appear in the media first? And how often do you hear this morning’s editorial opinion quoted and fervently defended. And when was the last time these liberal paragons gave you “the rest of the story,” and how would you know? Answer, please. Don’t want to, do you? Give it a rest, Richardson, of course we talk about only what is in the “news.”

Well, there is plenty of credible (and contrary) material out there, but you actually have to read. You can’t just sit and “cruise the crap.” If this approach is of any interest to you, of course be prepared to be labeled a member of the “right-wing conspiracy” which the liberal press hardly even puts in quotes anymore. It’s the gospel now, I guess because Her Highness Hill said it!

You see, all the media – radio, TV, print, and White House Press releases, indirectly – are owned by 10-12 major international corporate conglomerates the agenda of which is money/profit. Not truth. Not America. Not freedom. It is money and power and the liberal agenda is the perfect fit. Voila!

Conservative, entrepreneurial, thinking, doubting, individual freedom, politically incorrect types are an anathema to these folks. And they, in fact, created and defined “politically correct.” So there you have it. Actually, Mao Tse Tung, the murderous Chinese dictator, conceived “politically correct” to control the ignorant masses and it is working marvelously worldwide.

Next time I’ll talk about how the liberal stranglehold will roll into high gear for the upcoming elections with devastating results, as always. Watching it – paying attention, I mean – makes one wonder how any non-Democrat gets elected to anything. Even sheriff.

And we’ll watch this phenomenon right here in River City!

Thanks for listening.

Bob Richardson

Glenwood Springs resident Bob Richardson’s column runs every other Friday in the Post Independent.

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