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The U.N. is irrelevant. And always has been to most reasonably intelligent world citizens except liberals. And both statements remain embarrassingly true.

This latest inspection gamut is a replay of 11 years ago, when the U.N. engineered its first pass for Saddam. Except to do so again in the face of Hussein having stiffed 16 consecutive U.N. Resolutions is unfathomable to everyone except you know who.

The record of the U.N. is unerringly abysmal at everything except providing a staggeringly expensive jobs program. Whether or not you agree with that, it is clear that is has never functioned effectively in world conflicts. It has always been the United States that has come to the aid of threatened countries. The list is long and the record clear. Democrat presidents can bomb and invade at will – Korea, Viet Nam, Kosovo, and Somalia come to mind – but a Republican president has to play absurd games. Do you suppose that has anything to do with politics? Of the liberal kind?

The gravity and urgency of the Iraq situation was as predictable as it is unnecessary. That that entire region, and by extension the whole world, is vulnerable to mass murder and unthinkable destruction lies at the doorstep of the U.N. This is incomprehensible unless you understand the history and objectives of those who created the U.N. It was created by the internationalist financiers for purposes of control, and it has always served them well.

Consider with me how the history and politics of the U.N. fits so perfectly with these objectives:

1) To create a gargantuan jobs program (shaming even our federal government) in and for itself without regard to accomplishing anything. You know, like the USDA that doesn’t keep E. coli meat out of stores, the INS which doesn’t have a clue about illegal immigration, airport “security” inspectors who, to this day, simply are incompetent beyond description, etc. Political power demands tax money and allegiance.

2) To utilize the structure itself to further the accomplishment of one world government (masquerading as “globalism”) while making those who would be thus subjugated pay for it. Eliminating national sovereignty is the key.

3) To weaken the United States so as to eliminate it as the world’s only superpower by virtue of which it is the only country capable of thwarting one world government. It was recognized back then and self-evident now, that the only way to subdue the United States is from within – politically, that means – and not direct aggression. Progress has been excellent.

I submit that the track record of the U.N. is understandable in the context of the above, and not in the context of a world arbiter or peacekeeper by any stretch of any imagination. Except a liberal one, of course.

And there has never been a shortage of humans anxious to rule the world or at least control the lives of others. Historically they have been called despots, dictators or armies. Today they are called “politicians,” the most aggressive ones being found in the U.N.

The U.N. agenda has always had the unswerving, slanted support of the mainstream liberal media, which has a lot to do with the virtually universal acceptance of the U.N. by Americans. I have lamented before that the media determines what we think about and what we think about what we think about! “Get the U.S. out of the U.N. and the U.N. out of the U.S.” is not exactly a novel phrase to most of us who didn’t go to journalism school.

And that is a wonderful idea. Diplomatic immunity functions as great cover for spies as we speak. Most “diplomats” are, in fact, intelligence agents. And given my premise for its very creation, this is no accident. No, you haven’t seen many of the legions of stories about this problem and the trouble it creates for our security/law enforcement people. But, perhaps, now you understand why these stories just haven’t made it into the news.

There is just one small problem with America-bashing at the U.N., historically and now. The United States is the most unselfish and benevolent power the world has ever known, starting with World War I. Not only have we not kept the spoils of victory and success, but to the contrary, we have rebuilt and restored everyone found in harm’s way – ally and enemy alike.

For those liberals still following this blasphemy, I have not said we are perfect and have never made any mistakes worldwide. Just that we have always been, and remain, the bestest with the mostest on the planet. And other than at the U.N., a Democrat convention or most media editorial boardrooms in the country – you will find virtually no argument.

All of this brings up foreign aid, which has been a sore spot with me for decades. The recent waffling of so many recipients the world over together with domestic needs should make a compelling case for a serious re-evaluation across the board. And we could start with the U.N. budget, which is what that really is, as well – foreign aid. I will emote later.

Thanks for listening.

Bob Richardson

Glenwood Springs resident Bob Richardson’s column runs every other Friday in the Post Independent.

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