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Straight up

Help me out here. We’re actually going to debate the merits of moving on Iraq? The only subject of a debate should be why Bush #1 or Slick didn’t take him out years ago.

He is a ruthless and brutal Looney Toons who has killed tens of thousands of his own people and will do the same (but more) to us the minute he has the capability. He’s working on it as we speak – and we know it!

And we know beyond a doubt that he:

1. aspires to an arsenal of weapons of mass destruction – including nuclear

2. has hired Russian scientists to assist in the design and construction of them

3. refuses UN inspections (not that they could find any weapons by now, anyway)

4. has the money (ours) to strap it on

5. has intimidated most of the rest of the world – except known terrorist regimes

6. has invaded his neighbor (Kuwait)

7. has sworn our annihilation along with others.

And we also now know, unfortunately, post 9/11, that our government is incapable of protecting us within our own shores (one of the very few constitutional duties of Congress), and has no missile defense system worth talking about.

Does this create even a choice much less a debate?

It is truly as simple as whose citizens should glow in the dark – ours or theirs? How many more thousands of military and civilian lives (and dozens of U.S. civil rights) need to be lost to convince the liberals? Not many, hopefully, but only if we speak out. And for heaven’s sake, let’s not leave it up to a Congressional vote. That collection of sanctimonious egomaniacs hasn’t had the cajones since WWII to declare war anyway, so spare us the charade. Besides, this is an election year, so they’re busy with their number one priority – re-election. Actually their only priority.

And let’s not forget their present preoccupation and devotion to Campaign Finance “Reform.” Apparently the devil makes them take money now and this dog and pony show legislation will fix that! Wow, what a relief.

With this country in the death grip (literally, now) of political correctness courtesy of the liberal mainstream media (mainstream in terms of exposure, not ideology), invasion of Iraq is actually tenuous. So if we act at all, it will have to be politically correct. But let’s get started. I’ll commence wailing about “proving” Saddam’s menace if you will start wringing your hands about the innocent Iraqi citizens who will be killed.

And, of course, don’t forget to wax eloquent about the red carpet we’ll roll out for Iraqi “detainees.” We’ll use what we have learned from the media during the Afghanistan conflict. You know, that the climate is much too harsh in Guantanamo Bay. For the “detainees,” that is. Apparently it’s just fine for our troops!

We’ve got to be thinking Hawaii, Scottsdale in the winter, Cape Cod in the summer for these camps, folks. You want Jesse Jackson to have a tantrum in front of a CNN camera? Neither do I ,and besides, we don’t have time for the weeks and weeks of exclusive coverage he would get all across the media!

All of the above will give the media a headstart, and the big three networks won’t have to waste time recruiting left-wing college professors (please excuse the redundancy) for Rather, Brokaw and Jennings to commiserate with to warn us of these “concerns.”

Then there is the war itself. We should, and would, give Iraqi citizens time to skedaddle – unlike the WTC. Welcoming territory might be getting scarce over that way, but hopefully Afghans, sans the Taliban, would be sympathetic and hospitable. But if they prove not to be, is that our fault? Both citizenries have either endorsed or failed to overthrow these terrorist regimes and the chickens (pun intended) have come home to roost.

And you can already see the handwriting on the wall – we’ll need to go it alone. Russia’s Putin (Dubya’s erstwhile buddy, if you can believe it) remains our enemy and, not incidentally, is owed $8 billion by Iraq. Mostly for weapons! Russia aspires to regain superpower status and will secretly applaud any action that weakens/diverts our resources and world prestige. As someone said, the friend of our enemy is our enemy.

And the UN? Yeah, right. Almost as anti-American as the al-Qaida (or American liberal media!). China? Not hardly. It also supplies Saddam with weapons. And the only thing the entirety of Europe has ever liked about war is the Marshall Plan.

I’m truly not as callous as I sound. It is just that perhaps ridicule (and truth) will have an impact on liberals as reason and common sense obviously do not especially in “affaires de war.” Liberals simply want all of this nastiness to just . just . just GO AWAY, please. So they can concentrate on eliminating all conflict, pestilence, disease, famine, prejudice, intolerance (except theirs), man’s inhumanity to man and Republicans and . and . you get my drift. All easily done, they say, with their infinite wisdom and our money – if we would all just start loving each other!

But Saddam is not going away. In fact, quite the opposite, he is headed our way. It is unarguable that we should stop him before he gets any further along.

Thanks for listening.

Bob Richardson’s column runs every other Friday in the Post Independent.

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