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Straight Up

I won’t continue to write about a favorite subject, “arrogant incompetence of the federal government” cataloging colossal screw-ups and outright deceptions across the board, as I would have no space for anything else.However, for emphasis I want to just list the four most recent outrages as a segue into today’s topic which is my last warning on the stock market.1 – USDA waited two weeks to even report E. coli, sickening dozens and causing untold losses relating to millions of pounds of beef. Spell it “pay-off/ bribery.”2 – Visa express – carte blanche granting of visas to citizens of Saudi Arabia, one of the most terrifying terrorist nations on the planet. Spell this “intentional” by the State Department, which has always bordered on being an anti-American agency in control of internationalists.3 – White House leaks of war plans for Iraq, for Christ’s sake, jeopardizing the war itself and the lives of thousands of American soldiers. Spell this L-I-B-E-R-A-L M-O-L-E in the White House.4 – National Security Council intercepts al-Qaida message on Sept. 10 saying “tomorrow is zero day” which it translated on Sept. 12! Spelling this simply “colossal” is enough.The only action to follow any of these will likely be promotions. NEVER is any federal employee fired. Spell this politicians’ J-O-B-S P-R-O-G-R-A-M.All of this is to re-emphasize my underlying theme that at no level is our government either willing or able to function truly in the best interests of its people. It functions in the best interests of the internationalists (bankers, the politically powerful elite and others) who have actually controlled our government for decades, now. The politicians we elect are just so many unwitting pawns allowed to strut around Washington, D. C., and the country pursuing their personal ambitions while re-enforcing the charade that placates us. Picture the rooster in the hen house. And I certainly include Dubya whose family is among the most powerful of international elitists.If my comment outrages you, please reflect on the “beneficial” effect on the United States of: membership in the UN, Panama Canal give-away, wide-open borders, billions in foreign aid (to political leaders, not the people), International Monetary Fund, World Bank, policing the world, S&L bailout in the ’80s, Mexico bail-out in the ’90s, and etc., ad nauseum.As an aside, look for Dubya’s popularity to continue to decrease. The “breath of fresh air” effect, post Clinton, is wearing off; the economy is going to get much worse; taxes much higher due to his liberalism; and the War on Terror will become more and more ineffective, expensive and deadly, and I could go on. I predict a horse race by the summer of 2004 and am horrified at the prospect of any Democrat on the horizon but most especially by the prospect of Sen. John McCain, the slickest and biggest hypocrite in public office since Slick, himself. You can doubt me about McCain, but the reason you do is the perception you have of him resulting from more than generous media coverage dating all the way back to when he was running for President against Bush. He is in the pocket of the New York Times, and all the liberal media love him. What more need I say to warn you?Synthesizing all of this should help you understand the motive and magnitude involved in Greenspan’s tap dance lo these last 2 years and as recently as last week. His job for the internationalists (who created the Federal Reserve in the first place) is to protect the banking system – not you. That requires keeping you calmly in the “buy the dips and hold” mold or “just hold” will do, and he has suckered you good, so far. Because you will never see it in the major media, I’ll predict the Dow will end up south of 5,000 and the NASDAQ south of 800 – soon. Get a grip, folks, on eleven rate cuts in a row accompanied by the palaver about the resulting “recovery around the corner – next quarter,” and stop your losses.This guy makes Enron, Tyco, WorldCom, Global Crossings – and Congressmen – look like choirboys. I have said he should be in jail, but that won’t ever happen just as no CEO crook is likely to get sent away. Do you understand that the politicians won’t do it? And why? They’re all in the same game and feed off of each other. It has been ever thus. So far, Arthur Anderson, the company, has been convicted. WOW! Big deal! I can’t say the head of some little token executive won’t roll for show purposes only, but no one of any significance because they are all players, with money – yours and mine, it shouldn’t be necessary to point out.Bottom line. The economic fundamentals – grossly inflated (and inflating) money supply; years of easy credit; poor (and fraudulent) corporate earnings; staggering corporate and personal debt; skyrocketing bankruptcies and foreclosures; Greenspan shuck and jive – and more – are going to take our economy down hard and long. Unemployment, retail and real estate (not necessarily GWS) will soon follow.There it is “Straight Up,” folks. Before you toss this away in disgust, take another look at your 401(k)/IRA!Thanks for listening.Glenwood Springs resident Bob Richardson’s column runs every other Friday in the Post Independent.

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