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Ten simple ways to relieve your work-related tension

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Nina Schnipper

Our work can be demanding and stressful. However, work-related tension can be physical, as well as psychological. Let’s explore how that tension contributes to our general health, and ways we can relieve it.

Subjecting our bodies to physical demands is important for our good health. When we practice using our bodies in repetitive ways, however, we develop tension patterns from overuse.

Over time, many people seek medical care for work-related overuse. For many others, their tension is never severe, but living with physical tension can zap your energy and your mood. Here are some ways to relieve tension in your workday.

1. Activate: If your work requires you to sit, get up often. Sitting for a long time may be the No. 1 worst thing we can do to our bodies. Schedule your work so that you must move on a regular basis in order to complete projects. Many tasks can be completed while standing, such as phone calls.

2. Stretch: Get up and stretch at least every 30 minutes. Include rotational, twisting stretches. That movement is often lacking in our work positions. Your back will appreciate it.

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3. Hydrate: When your body needs water, you can feel sluggish, achy, and stiff. Dehydration can produce false signs of arthritis. Taking trips to get water and use the restroom also makes us get up and move (and stretch).

4. Nourish: When we do not feed our body nutritious foods, we hurt. Our muscles and joints especially need minerals. While many people consume enough antioxidants and vitamins, we need minerals to relieve tension.

5. Sleep: Jon Gordon, Florida’s own “Energy Addict,” reminds us how “… a lack of sleep negatively impacts our mood, stress levels, alertness, and weight, ability to process glucose, performance, and reaction times. The fact is, you can’t replace sleep with a double latte.”

6. Exercise: If you have a job that physically challenges your body, you absolutely must practice a daily exercise regimen to maintain decent health.

7. Get happier: One way to instantly improve your mood is to make a genuine effort to acknowledge others’ good traits. Make someone else feel good, and you will feel good. Remember, bad attitudes manifest physically in your body.

8. Party: Throwing a party is a good diversion to break the cycle of repetitive work. Having fun is healthy, too.

9. Get out: Whenever possible, perform work duties outside. The natural environment, with fresh air and sunlight, is also the healthiest work environment.

10. Play: Include physical play in your life. Play with others, and with your kids. Take vacations. Keep reminders of your vacations, and your playtime, at your workplace to boost your spirits.

Nina Schnipper is a nationally certified fitness trainer and medical massage therapist, specializing in pain relief and weight management. Contact her at 948-0179, or by e-mail at mfrnina@yahoo.com.

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