The big-government bureaucracy crocodile |

The big-government bureaucracy crocodile

James Kellogg
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James Kellogg
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The scandals swirling around the Obama administration are irrefutable evidence that the federal government has grown into a monster. The president and Democrats have expanded government power far beyond constitutional limits, infringing on the individual liberty of Americans. Nearly 3 million bureaucrats are empowered by the White House and enabled by the media to engage in the dirty work of attacking conservatives and advancing the president’s agenda.

While his policies are implemented at the expense of our constitutional rights, President Obama avoids any “smoking gun” association with his policies. When scandals ultimately erupt, a complicit media shields him from fallout. Reporters and pundits reinforce the notion that the president is battling the actions of federal bureaucracies over which he has no authority. Getting exactly what he wants, Obama feigns shock and outrage, declaring the abuse of power by government officials as inexcusable.

Voters don’t always sit passively while the Obama agenda marches forward. In 2009, massive public opposition thwarted the effort to pass Obamacare by constitutional means. Resistance was sparked by ordinary citizens, exercising their First Amendment rights to peacefully assemble and petition the government through free speech. As a response, the president implored Democrats to “punish” their Republican “enemies” in the 2010 elections. Despite Obama’s “call to arms,” the grass-roots uprising delivered a stinging rebuke with a shellacking of Democrat candidates across America.

The Obama administration was determined that such a defeat would not be repeated. Federal bureaucracies are brimming with Obama appointees and like-minded liberals. Most are true believers in the president’s agenda and capable of advancing ideology without direct orders from the White House. Thus cronies in the IRS initiated a campaign to deny tax-exempt status to conservative political groups and scrutinize and intimidate big Republican donors. After forcing these organizations and individuals to provide volumes of confidential information, the IRS leaked it to the liberal media site, ProPublica.

President Obama’s IRS essentially waged a clandestine war to suppress conservative political involvement and ultimately voter turnout in the 2012 election. Though the scandal began to emerge in the spring of 2012, the media buried the story. Recent revelations indicate members of the IRS were meeting with the White House, but the president claims he didn’t know about the “alleged” IRS abuses until May 10, 2013. Instead of delving into the facts, the media amplifies Obama’s proclamations that such actions are “intolerable and inexcusable.”

One might expect the Justice Department scandal would be harder for the media to swallow. Under the direction of Eric Holder, the Attorney General appointed by President Obama, the private phone and email records of more than 100 Associated Press reporters were secretly obtained and perused. Government officials decline to specify exactly why they seized these particular records. We’re only told it was deemed imperative for a criminal investigation into leaks of classified information to the press.

Journalists called the seizure a “massive and unprecedented intrusion.” Yet, reporters were quick to accept the White House excuse, “We are not involved in decisions made in connection with criminal investigations, as those matters are handled independently by the Justice Department.”

Earlier this month a secret government program known as PRISM was exposed. This program authorized the National Security Agency (NSA) and FBI to tap directly into the central servers of nine leading U.S. Internet companies, extracting audio and video chats, photographs, emails, and documents. NSA was also granted direct access to the systems of Google, Facebook, Apple and other U.S. companies to gain access to the content of emails, file transfers, and live chats. Additionally, the NSA is collecting the telephone records of millions of American citizens.

The president defends spying on law-abiding Americans as “the appropriate balance between our need for security and preserving those freedoms that make us who we are.” That sounds so noble. As Saul Alinsky said, “Moral rationalization is indispensable at all times of action.”

American liberty and freedom are under assault from an increasingly monstrous and tyrannical government. It’s the means to control citizens and destroy political opposition. As bureaucrat thumbs press harder on Obama’s “enemies,” liberals and media members voice no protest because the cross hairs are on conservatives. That’s as foolish as feeding the crocodile, hoping it will eat you last.

James D. Kellogg is a professional engineer in Glenwood Springs, the author of the thriller Radical Action, and a freelance writer. Visit or email

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