The good and the bad that set humans apart |

The good and the bad that set humans apart

Out on a LimbRoss L. TalbottGlenwood Springs, CO Colorado

Human beings have some wonderful attributes that make them stand apart from the rest of the animal kingdom and which certainly suggest a special creation; for instance, our love of beauty in everything from sunsets to music. Beautiful works grow out of a beautiful heart. A painting can set the tone for a whole room or a song that can inspire, bring a sense of peace or even bring physical and emotional healing. The drive to be creative has brought us convenience, safety and a plethora of things that make life easier and more beautiful and enhance relationships.

There are creatures in the natural world that can out-perform humans in every physical aspect. They can out-swim, out-climb, out-run, out-survive, and even fly and walk on the ceiling. Humans however, have absolute and exclusive mastery in the area of creativity.There is also a special attribute of mankind that is of a negative nature. Fortunately, creatures do not share this characteristic. We have the ability to be hateful, angry, resentful, bitter, mean for the sake of meanness, arrogant, controlling, and suicidal along with a host of other evils.Does not this, in fact, indicate that there are two opposing forces at work in humankind that are special to us, and set us apart from all other creatures?Call it the yin and the yang, or the dark side or whatever you want; but it boils down to good versus evil and truth versus the lie. Another special attribute or characteristic of mankind is the drive to control and/or dominate. This can be seen in personal relationships, business, religion and especially politics and government. The quest for power drives whole armies, causes great destruction, riots, assassinations and mass killings.

The idea that you can just apologize and forgive to stop this evil is a totally irrational and futile idea. Those who are driven by the infectious desire for power and control look on love and forgiveness as weakness, and will seize the opportunity.Someone has said, “In the face of destructive, fanatical aggression, the mindless pacifist becomes a partner to the aggression and an accomplice to the terror.”If you watch a crime take place and do nothing to stop it, you are in a real sense an accomplice or at the very least, an enabler. It is even worse if you then cover for, or attempt to justify the crime. Well-meaning people often try to characterize the criminal as a victim. It is society’s fault, or a bad childhood, or something that makes the crime justifiable.Do you ever wonder if criminal defense lawyers feel like an accomplice?The desire and drive for power takes many forms. Just watch the presidential primaries and see the lie, deception and shifting positions at work in desperate efforts to get power.

As you consider the world’s power struggles, remember that the Sunnis and the Shiites do not fight each other because they hate Americans.Another effort to seize worldwide power is found in the Federal Reserve System, which is neither federal nor has reserves. That is a separate subject.Global warming is another power play, and its proponents have used misinformation and all sorts of tactics to induce fear in the hope we will look to them as the savior of the world.Remember that evil is a reality in the human world, and not just some justifiable response to some injustice. Withdrawing from the battle can result in your being an accomplice.Ross L. Talbott lives in New Castle.

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