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The good news first

April Clark
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I’m a news junkie, but even with all that objective news reporting experience I sometimes become consumed with the terrible stories of the day. With news of another deadly school shooting, entire city-engulfing smog and a ridiculous boulder toppling as trending topics, I could use a daily dose of good news with my Internet.

Note to self: With Facebook now allowing violent videos, I might want to skip that feed.

While it can seem as if there’s nothing but bad news out there, there’s some truth to that old adage that every cloud has a silver lining. Good old John Milton gets credit for that one.

Yes, even in 1634 there were silver linings.

One of the biggest stories of the week is Apple’s unveiling of the new iPad. How is that good news one may ask? The iPad Air is lighter, thinner and faster. Users who thought it was too heavy or thick will most likely be relieved.

That just took a huge weight off my shoulders.

There’s also good news this week for those balding. A study published in the “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences” details how hair can be restored hair using human cells. This helps burn victims, patients with alopecia and female-pattern hair loss, and men with early-stage baldness, and that makes me happy for all those who haven’t had accessible or affordable options. This study will gain momentum with clinical trials over the next few years, and most of all gives hope.

And hope is never a bad thing in my book.

In other good news, “Saturday Night Live” is back this week after a bye week. I’m not sure if they call it a bye week, but being a football fan, I thought it was appropriate. Edward Norton is hosting, and ever since his performance in “Fight Club,” Mr. Norton has been one of my favorite actors. He also rocked the part of “The Is” of Spandau Ballet in one of my favorite comedies, “Modern Family,” a few years back and he is as funny as he can be serious.

Sounds like a good Saturday night to me.

Some might not think celebrities or their goings-on are all that good, but for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian fans, their over-the-top engagement on her 33rd birthday this week created some happiness. On a happy note, their baby, North, sure is cute. And I’m all for happy babies and happy families. So I can only hope this Hollywood romance will last and proves to be some good news in a celebrity world that seems to mostly spotlight the bad.

Even the famous deserve to be loved.

What reads as bad news but could turn out to be good — a real-life cloud with a silver lining — a case of a girl in Greece who may have been kidnapped is making headlines around the world. The couple claiming to have adopted her from a mother who abandoned her has been charged and allegations are the child was forced to live in poor conditions and beg on the streets. If anything, the case sheds light on the prevalence of international child trafficking and abductions. This story will surely develop as time progresses and authorities learn more about this little girl’s identity.

I truly hope there is a silver lining for her.

Life will always have the good and the bad. There’s no way around that frustrating fact. Every story has two sides, too. When we investigate or delve deeper into a story, there can be a silver lining.

There’s also the cold, hard facts that open our eyes and create awareness.

The latest school shooting in Nevada is difficult to read about and especially hear. The headlines remind us that these tragedies can happen anywhere, anytime. I hope we can start focusing on our children and violence. In news reports, we will ultimately learn more of the heroic actions that math teacher Mike Landsberry took in saving his kids’ lives. He is the good in the world we need more of, and we need to hear more about before the bad happens.

Then maybe we will hear more good news first.

— April E. Clark sends her condolences to the family of Mike Landsberry, a hero in all sense of the word. She can be reached at

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