The Holy Church of Carbon Footprint |

The Holy Church of Carbon Footprint

Out on a LimbRoss L. TalbottGlenwood Springs, CO Colorado
Ross L. Talbott

We now have a new religion that embraces all races and cultures. This new religion requires an incredible leap of faith, and seeks to impose all sorts of regulations and controls on everyone’s life with heavy penalties for non-compliance.The promised result of not submitting faithfully to the practices dictated by this new religion is the ultimate destruction of the entire planet and the obliteration of human life.

The purveyors of this new faith are threatening and demanding that we all submit, but apparently have exempted themselves from its requirements.Surely by now you have guessed that I’m alluding to the Holy Church of Carbon Footprint. This is getting so serious that a British parliamentary committee has proposed that everyone be required to carry a “carbon card” that contains your yearly carbon ration. Every time you buy fuel, food or purchase anything your card would be “swiped” and your allotted carbon credits deducted. Failure to comply would be under penalty of law.The whole thing is about control, worldwide control. There is no greater control in human existence than control of our energy consumption. Every facet of our lives today depends on some form of energy. The most obvious, probably, is our whole transportation system. We are experiencing the increased cost of everything as a direct result of the increased price of fuel. Everything humans do consumes energy. The most foundational, of course, is the production of food.Controls take many forms and often blindside us. For instance, the new declaration of the polar bear as an endangered species has blocked oil drilling in a huge area.Our leadership is making policy decisions based on so-called science. Science is touted as being truth, but it’s historical record is shaky. Even Einstein believed in a steady-state universe, a concept which has since been thrown out as bad science.The cult of “Mother Earth” has exerted incredible control over our production of all forms of energy.

Fear is a great control tactic. Dictators use it so effectively that their subjects will martyr themselves to save their people from some perceived threat such as America “the great Satan.”In addition to inflicting hardship upon those who buy into the global warming gospel, we weaken our defensive position. Obviously the Arab oil-supplying countries have us by the short hair.Our dependency upon oil makes us their servants. It’s thanks to those who think that drilling our own wells is a sin against Mother Earth and building nuclear power plants is an unacceptable hazard. Do the subversives among us wear green?Global warming is the great, overarching, all-encompassing and control-necessitating fear tactic.In reality, it is all based on poor science. Historical records in everything from ice layers to tree rings testify that nature and climate have always cycled. What is even worse science is the claim that it is man-caused. That supposition is totally impossible to prove.It is also totally speculative whether or not global warming would, overall, be a benefit or a detriment to the environment.

Let me make it clear that I am a conservationist in every aspect. I even have shirts I wore in college 50 years ago. Waste is self-centered and irresponsible at every level.What I deeply resent is the control and fear tactic forced upon us in the name of “global warming’s” bad science.I would have more respect for those purveyors of fear if I saw them driving hybrids, hanging their clothes out to dry and parking their private jets. Don’t be Gored by the bull of global warming.Finally, Jesus said, “Fear not those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul; rather fear him who can destroy both the body and the soul in hell.”Ross L. Talbott lives in New Castle.

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