The ironies in everyday life |

The ironies in everyday life

The other day, a woman passed me in a blue sedan while we were both tooling down the road.On her bumper was a sticker: “Doctors Make Me Sick.” With furrowed brow, I contemplated its meaning. Hmmm. OK. I shook my head.As I pulled up alongside this anti-physician fan, I noticed the woman had a pretty good-sized dog in the car. On her lap. Peering over the steering wheel. While the woman was attempting to drive.This driver might think that doctors make her sick, but it also seems like driving down the road in a couple-thousand pound vehicle with a 40-plus pound dog in her lap isn’t probably all that healthy either. Ah, the ironies of every day life. Like ordering a Diet Coke with a double cheeseburger, we wade through contradictions at every turn.They’re everywhere: Driving a gas-fueled car – by oneself no less – to a Sierra Club meeting. Trying to get the closest parking space possible to go work out at the gym. Shopping at a big-box mega-store to save money, but coming home with more stuff than you ever would if you simply went to a specific shop to purchase the items you actually needed in the first place. There are hundreds, hey, thousands, more. I noticed the last time we were on the island of Oahu, in Hawaii, that the main thoroughfares, called H1 and H2, are called interstates. Really? Probably not, unless there’s a really long bridge I’m not aware of connecting the Hawaiian islands to the California coast – and beyond.Speaking of vacationing, another ironic situation occurs to me every time I get ready to go away on a break. I need to work twice – and sometimes three – times as hard to be able to get caught up enough to get away for awhile. And the same thing happens when I get back. Is it really worth it, then, to leave to “relax” anyway? (I still say yes.)Here’s a sexist one. Why are there phone businesses (you know the ones I mean) that charge big money per minute to have women breathe sweet nothings into men’s ears, but no companies that have a crew of men doing the same type of thing for women? (Not that I’d patronize such a thing, but equal opportunities for all I say.)On the relationship front, an ironic situation that most of us have fallen into is a question of politeness. We can often be more polite and civil to perfect strangers than to those whom we love and adore. How crazy is that? Carrie Click is the editor and general manager of The Citizen Telegram in Rifle. If you have any observations on the ironies of life, please let her know. Carrie can be reached at, 625-3245, ext. 101.

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