The news never sleeps |

The news never sleeps

I never really finish my job. I just decide to leave the office for a while. What kind of job do you have? Is it the kind of job that requires only that you physically show up to do a good, solid days worth of work? Or is it the kind of job that demands that you take practically a suitcase of work home with you at night just so you can turn around and bring that mountain of paper back to work with you in the morning? If you havent guessed, Ive got the latter. Talk to any newspaper editor, and each will tell you the same thing. I always, and I mean always, have mountains of papers to work through, zillions of words to write, dozens of phone calls to make, and lots of spread sheets to create. The news never stops. It never sleeps. It never decides to take a vacation. And though I love my job really, I do sometimes the responsibility of it all makes me wish for simpler days. Take for instance, one of my first jobs scooping popcorn and serving sodas at the Isis Theaters concession stand when I was a teenager in Aspen. Now that was a job with a set schedule. My friend Becky and I would walk or ride our bikes down to the Isis about an hour before the nightly movie started. Wed serve up snacks itd be busy for maybe a half-hour and then the movie would start and the pressure would ease off. Wed clean up and usually leave before the end of the movie. Easy. Set. Done. No muss. No fuss. And every couple weeks, wed both get little paychecks. (Emphasis on the little, but what did we care? We were 14.)Since then, life has gotten a bit more complicated, and with it, the jobs Ive taken on. In my latest job, if I wanted to, if I had no sense of balance at all, I could work at it all day and all night. I joke about getting a cot and moving it next to my desk. And especially right now, because weve got some pretty impressive deadlines looming very close on the horizon, Im feeling a bit lopsided, careerwise. Like most things in life, once these deadlines have passed, the pendulum will swing back. Ill be able to once again have a weekend free, and time for activities outside the newsrooms four walls. Life tends to work that way, if you let it. Carrie Click is the editor and general manager of The Citizen Telegram and the western Garfield County Bureau editor of the Post Independent. Shell be glad when Aug. 10 rolls around. Carrie can be reached at 625-3245, ext. 101,, but dont expect a call back until after she hits these deadlines (just kidding sort of).

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