The only good tax is a sales tax |

The only good tax is a sales tax

The year is divided into different seasons and some are joyous, but the one upcoming pretty much cancels the joy of all the rest. This one is called tax season. Not only are we staggering from the cost of Christmas and the slam of new energy bills, but now we get our tax statements. There is always a lot of guff about taxing rich and taking it easy on everyone else. Those proponents either think we’re stupid or they don’t understand the system.There are the obvious taxes, but the better part of the revenue to run an insatiable government comes from hidden taxes: Things called permits, or fees or licenses are all taxes. Look at your phone bill. Mine has nine so-called fees and surcharges amounting to one third of the bill.Consider the fact that over 50 percent of the cost of a retail item is taxes paid by the manufacturer, the shipper, the advertiser, the box maker, the printer and the retailer. Then you get charged sales tax on that tax. You say, “Tax big business more.” Think about who really pays it when the price of the product goes up. Tax the landlord and rent goes up. Tax the gas companies and you pay it at the pump. The consumer of the end product really pays it all – that’s you!Try building a home. Permits and fees can total $6,000 or more, and guess what – you pay property tax on all those fees and permits forever because they became part of the value of the property. They tax your taxes.Actually, the so-called “property tax” amounts to a claim by the government that they really own your property, and you pay for the privilege of occupying it. Try not paying your property tax and see how long before they take it away and sell it on the steps of the courthouse.In “The Total Power of One,” author Fred Holden wrote, “If you tax something you get less of it. If you subsidize something you get more of it. In America we tax work, growth, investment, employment, savings, productivity, initiative and ability, while subsidizing non work, consumption, welfare and debt. Isn’t it time to allow our people to probe, test and prove their character and sensibilities, to be inspired to growth and initiative?” To put it simply, we reward failure and penalize success.New Webster’s Dictionary defines tax as “a heavy demand made upon one’s strength, patience, etc.” Or “a burdensome or excessive demand: strain” as in Webster’s II New College. Does that surprise you?The fact that the president’s tax reduction stimulated the economy should cause you to realize that we are at the point that more taxes and fees, hidden or obvious, further depresses the economy, which decreases government revenue, which necessitates more taxes and fees which further depresses the – (are you getting the idea?) Analyze the word “politics” and you realize that “poly” means many and “ticks” are little bloodsucking arachnids.In my opinion, the only fair tax is sales tax (exempt food and medicine). You buy, you pay. That’s fair.Ross L. Talbott lives in New Castle.

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