The tunnel is getting longer, the light is getting dimmer |

The tunnel is getting longer, the light is getting dimmer

Ross Talbott
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Here we are looking down the tunnel of the New Year.

I am straining to see light at the end of the tunnel with little success.

They say that when politicians see light at the end of the tunnel they pass some legislation to increase the length of the tunnel.

I am beginning to believe that we are heading down the wrong tunnel.

Looking back over my shoulder I can see a time when things were much simpler and better.

Remember when you could repair your own car?

Remember when you could go up to the local sawmill and haul boards down to build your own house without worrying about permits and inspectors?

There was a time when we lived with the consequences of our actions.

The concept of freedom and liberty is growing dimmer, and we seem to be backing down the tunnel and the light is growing dimmer.

You don’t need to be very bright to see that by far the most successful form of government that ever existed has been capitalism based on Judeo-Christian principles, including ethics.

Socialism has not been great. Communism has failed. Dictatorships are brutal and oppressive.

Tribal governments are ineffective. Islam and Sharia law are oppressive and discriminatory

There is no question that we will never have a perfect form of government until Jesus returns and takes over.

Incidentally, that may be soon.

In the meantime it seems we should be able to learn from our own experiences and also other people’s experience and realize that we are rapidly being taken away from principles that made our nation the greatest ever in history.

Businesses are moving overseas.

Imports from countries, especially China, are stripping away commerce.

Money is being transferred to other countries because of the perceived imminent collapse of the dollar.

The interest on national debt is surpassing our GDP.

Taxes are depressing economy (see the Laffer curve).

The federal government is unconstitutionally encroaching on every aspect of our private lives from education to health care and dietary.

We are strangling on regulations. For example, we are continually reminded of all the children, here and overseas, that need a home, but adoption is a long, tedious process and often prohibitively expensive.

Inspections, permits and building requirements have both driven up the cost of materials and time delayed projects increasing the cost substantially.

Did you ever wonder why America has more lawyers than all other countries combined?

Did you ever wonder if it’s good that more than half of the workers in America work for some branch of government?

And where does the money come from to pay all those salaries and benefits?

Duh! Taxes, permits and fees paid by you and me who labor in private enterprise. Then the shortfall is covered by borrowing from the unconstitutional Federal Reserve, which then incurs more interest that someone will have to pay.

Do I need to remind you that we are letting them make the tunnel longer?

Oh well, I’ll be dead, and my poor grandkids will have to deal with it.

If they are on welfare the government can just cut their payments.

I used to go around this time of start of a new year wishing everyone “happy new year.”

This time, however, my level of apprehension for the future is so high that I’m canceling that wish.

Maybe I should say, “Wake up, look around, learn from the past, pray for wisdom and understand who the enemy really is.”

Dependence may seem attractive but it is the death of independence and economic health.

Our nation was founded on the concept of independence, self-reliance and freedom.

A friend reminded me of a Yogi Berra quote, “You can observe a lot just by watching.”

The scripture calls for the watchmen on the wall.

The enemy is coming and he is wearing camouflage. It’s called Obamacare and Homeland Security and EPA and Health Department and Department of Education and the Federal Reserve and on and on.

Wake up, sound the alarm.

Give us Freefrom.

“Out On A Limb” appears on the first Tuesday of the month. Ross L. Talbott lives in New Castle, where he is a business owner.

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