Thinking about freedom as July 4th approaches |

Thinking about freedom as July 4th approaches

Ross L. Talbott
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Ross Talbott
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This is an interesting and challenging time of year.

On the one hand, primary elections happen while we are anticipating the 4th of July celebration.

Voting for people to serve as our leaders is a basic exercise of freedom.

The two-party system, however, confuses the process somewhat.

Why is the federal government trying to dictate what we eat, what we teach our children and how we get our health care and way overspending our tax money?

I understand that both parties have issues that frustrate potential voters.

Because of that, many people feel somewhat righteously justified in declaring themselves independent or unaffiliated.

Because of the way the system works I am inclined to feel that the so-called independents are really dependents.

When labeled that way they defensibly respond, “Well, I can vote for whomever I want.”

Well, so can I, even though I am a registered Republican.

The advantage I have by being affiliated is that I can attend caucuses, county assemblies and other organizational meetings.

I can participate in policy making and the selection of candidates and can vote in the primary.

An “independent,” on the other hand has no direct influence in those areas.

Sorry, that’s the way the system works.

Join one or the other of the parties so you can put in your two bits. You can still vote for whomever you want.

Another advantage to party affiliation is getting on the email list so you receive information that helps you harden your attitudes. (Sarcasm)

What has all that to do with the celebration of July 4th?

We are rapidly losing the freedoms our founders tried to guarantee.

Read the Constitution.

Amendment X says, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

That being the foundation principle, why is the federal government trying to dictate what we eat, what we teach our children and how we get our health care and way overspending our tax money?

Our lifespan has substantially increased over my lifetime, and yet the federal government feels they need to tell us that we are using too much salt.

I realize that the ruling class now dominant in America believes that we, the common folk, are not intelligent enough to make right decisions.

Remember that the founders of this formerly great country were not ruling class people but were escaping the tyranny of rulers.

I realize that being free to make personal decisions also has consequences.

Consequences, however, are the greatest teaching but are also the greatest inspiration.

People are always seeking instant gratification without realizing the long-term effects or the collateral damage.

The federal government cannot and should not even try to be involved in personal decisions.

Getting back to the voting, issue, it should be our town’s, county’s and state’s responsibilities.

We have almost zero say in anything decided on the federal level.

Did they ask you about the monetary system when they turned it over to the so-called Federal Reserve?

Did they ask you if they could dip into your Social Security and then refer to your retirement payments as government assistance?

Were you consulted on the new federal educational plan called ComCor?

All elected officials from county sheriffs on up swear to uphold the Constitution of the United States when they take office.

If we are to stop this country’s slide into socialism we must demand that our elected officials uphold that oath.

I want the freedom and privilege to live with consequences.

When you celebrate July 4th stop and think about what you can’t do because of regulations.

I didn’t even get into the religious issues.

Are you really free?

“Out On A Limb” appears on the first Tuesday of the month. Ross L. Talbott lives in New Castle, where he is a business owner.

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