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Time to stock up on outdoor gear

Common GroundBill KightGlenwood Springs, CO Colorado
Bill Kight

There are times when a person has to take time for their own welfare, time to drop everything else and get outdoors.I say that as my eyes stare out the window and connect with my daydreaming mind. The people in the meeting I’m in have lost me. Or I’ve lost them.

My hiking buddy has all but given up on me, leaving a note on the windshield of my car saying that I need to get in touch for some time outside.Trying to get the meeting I mentioned outdoors didn’t work. Weather spooked the planners into reshuffling back inside.Now I sit thinking about time that could be spent with Mother Nature, while the voices of people around a table are drowned out by the cascading waterfall in my mind. Or was that the crash of ocean waves?First, a few things need to be purchased at the get-outdoors-store before heading into the outback. Why does having fun come down to money?Our Nalgene water bottles need replacing with new BPA-free ones.In case you haven’t been keeping up with the news, BPA stands for Bisphenol-A (BPA). It’s a chemical that studies have revealed breaks down into toxins with heat or long-term use.

While the debate rages about one more thing experts warn can kill us, why not have one less thing to worry about and just replace my family’s old water bottles?One thing on my list that needs purchasing is a cot.Throwing the thickest air mattress made onto the ground doesn’t cut it for me anymore. I want one of those overnighter, spacesaver, handy-dandy, superduper, once-in-a-lifetime purchase, don’t-care-what-it-costs beds.Not one of those army surplus smash-your-finger-every-time-you-fold-it-up, that never quite fits back together cots.If there are any of those contraptions still in existence left over from World War I, we should gather them up and have a huge bonfire to joyously dance around as flames light up the night.Need a good tent, too. But you know what? Tents are one outdoor item that over the years have dropped in price. Check it out if you don’t believe me.

When purchasing my first big tent, we had to practically take out a second mortgage to afford it. Now for a couple hundred bucks you can get a good tent that will last for years.I don’t understand the economics of that, so if you do, try explaining it to me someday.If I get a tent, though, it will be me, and only me, using it. My wife Linn hasn’t been in one with me since we went on a camping trip and I forgot the tent poles. And it rained. We ended up sleeping in the back of the old jeep.Did I mention she was pregnant with our daughter Shandra at the time? Eight months pregnant, to be exact.Now you know why they call them one-man tents.Bill Kight of Glenwood Springs has experienced camping out in the outdoors (as you can see mostly by himself) for over 30 years and shares his outdoor stories every other week.

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