Upset me … please! |

Upset me … please!

A loyal reader of The Citizen Telegram came to our office this morning. She’s an inspiring sort, the type that always seeks to find the positive in everything. For those of you who don’t know, the Telegram is Rifle’s weekly paper – the Post Independent’s proverbial little sister, and it’s where I work. Our loyal reader had dropped by to let us know that an item we had published in our calendar section was incorrect. We immediately scurried around her, looking up the misprint and piecing together how the mistake could have been made. Once we did a rewind of the paperwork and the process, we were able to figure out how such a mistake occurred – and we set up a system to keep it from happening ever again. Working at a newspaper is great in so many ways, and it also can be quite stressful. Make a mistake and not just a few people see it via an interoffice memo – thousands see it, worse, many can be adversely affected by the error.One part of the newspaper that cannot tolerate mistakes is obituaries. It is, without question, absolutely unacceptable for mistakes to be made in information about someone who has died. And it’s double that about funeral information. Imagine being responsible for someone missing a funeral because we typed in the wrong information. It can’t happen.But, as we learned this morning, it has happened, according to our loyal reader, and not just once. She told us she knew of two instances in the past six months that inaccurate information about funerals was listed in our newspapers. My heart sank. My stomach started churning. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “I didn’t want to tell you,” our loyal reader said. “I didn’t want to upset you.”The moral to this story is this: Upset us. Please. When you see a mistake in the paper, let us know. Otherwise, how else can we track the mistake back and fix our process so it’s less likely to ever happen again?Before this morning, I had no idea that people were showing up for funerals at the wrong time. I’m shaking my head right now. That’s just not right in any possible scenario – not if we have anything to do with it. So whatever it is – be it a typo, an incorrect time, erroneous information, call us up. We’re not here to spread false information. We’re here to get it right, and we want, we need, to know if what we’ve done isn’t correct. Keep in mind that we’re not robots. We’re not perfect. But by letting us know when we fail, we can clean up what’s wrong, and make our checks and balances better.Do us a favor. Upset us. Carrie Click is the editor and general manager of The Citizen Telegram in Rifle. You can contact her about corrections to the Telegram at 625-3245, ext. 101, cclick@citizentelegram; contact the Post Independent about corrections to this paper at 945-8515, ext. 517,

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