Vedder late, but better than ever |

Vedder late, but better than ever

I’ve always heard good things come to those who wait. If so, my friends and ex-boyfriends have a lot of really great stuff coming to them. Time isn’t exactly on my side.Over the weekend, I was reminded that patience is indeed a virtue oh, how I like to be virtuous and most events in my life come by complete and utter surprise.Being a divorce and single isn’t exactly something I entered into my day planner.Several years back, when I was in college, my friend Lynne and I waited in line for hours for Pearl Jam tickets to the show on Purdue’s campus. We were the first few people in line, but that didn’t mean much after tickets were sold lottery-style, instead of on a first-come, first-served basis.Lucky little leprechaun I am not. The pot at the end of my rainbow is filled with a bunch of credit card receipts, some spare change and a couple of earrings missing their mates.In 1993, Pearl Jam, and their cohorts in the Seattle grunge scene, were bigger than Elvis. I don’t mean that literally.And Pearl Jam’s lead singer, Eddie Vedder, was the hottest thing since hair bows for sorority girls. Along with Nirvana and Soundgarden, Pearl Jam’s impact on rock ‘n’ roll was far-reaching.Glam rock and hair bands had become silly and pass. Songs about pouring sugar on dudes in the name of love and feeling all right with a guy named Dr. Feelgood were out.Grunge bands confronting issues such as depression, suicide and even schoolyard bullying were all the rage. Fans related to the honesty and rawness of grunge bands’ lyrics. Oversized flannel shirts worn untucked became fashion statements. That part of the ’90s makes me cringe just a bit. Who am I kidding I was just as guilty as any other college coed back then.I just hope that little fashion trend doesn’t make a comeback. Leg warmers are haunting me enough as it is. And don’t even get me started on jelly sandals.Lynne and I never saw Pearl Jam that semester. We did go to our share of off-campus F— Pearl Jam parties for all the losers who didn’t score tickets. If we couldn’t join ’em, then at least we could curse their name and do a keg stand to make it all better.Eddie finally played his redemption song for me Sunday at the Pepsi Center in Denver. A last-minute decision to see Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, with opening act Pearl Jam, nearly made me forget about the endless hours of waiting for tickets that would never be mine in college.This show was certainly deserving of the decade wait. Pearl Jam played songs from the new CD, “Life Wasted,” as well as the band’s old stuff. “Even Flow,” “Alive” and “Daughter” sounded better than I could’ve ever imagined. And the view from where we were standing wasn’t so bad, either. Tenth row floor seats are like that.When Eddie Vedder joined Petty and the boys on stage for “American Girl” during the encore, I figured there was a reason I didn’t win that ticket lottery back in the day. Maybe I was meant to remember my first Pearl Jam concert as one of the best I’ve ever seen. I just wish Lynne could have been there, instead of on the other end of my cell phone.Like a bad haircut that grows out over time, life can be funny like that. But the wait is so worth it.April E. Clark cries on occasion when she hears “Daughter” by Pearl Jam. On Sunday, she was all smiles. She can be reached at 945-8515, ext. 518, or

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