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What Day is it Anyway?

Are We There Yet?Charla BelinskiGlenwood Springs, CO Colorado
Charla Belinski

“I feel really bad,” my daughter muttered as she snuggled into bed last night.”What’s the matter?” I checked her forehead which was cool and there was no sign of the sniffles.”Well, I thought we were supposed to leave class early again for play practice today,” she said, “so I left and got two other girls from class, and we were all waiting outside the school before I figured out that we didn’t even have play practice.” “Well, that’s nothing to feel bad about. It was a simple mistake,” I reassured her.

“Yeah, but it was embarrassing,” she said with emphasis.Oh, honey, life will be a whole lot more embarrassing than that, I thought to myself. Just wait till, say, you finally work up the nerve to say hi to that cute upperclassman in high school and slip on the newly polished linoleum, your chin catching on a table as you fall in front of him and bite through your lip, causing a stream of blood to trickle down the front of your blouse as he and his friends snicker and walk away. That, my friend, is embarrassing. But I digress.I believe what my daughter was most distressed about is that during this busy week of dress rehearsals for her big musical production, she actually forgot the schedule and mistakenly showed up someplace she didn’t need to be. Sound familiar? I don’t care who among us has the best new gadget to keep them organized; when you have kids, a spouse, a job, volunteer work and – well, a life – at some point things are bound to get ugly.

Like the time our friends showed up for my husband’s surprise party… a day early. Or the time my husband and I forgot to calculate in the local time on a trip to Alaska and missed our flight because it actually took off the day before. Or when my friend, rushing from one of her kids’ events to the next, hurriedly stopped for gas and drove away with the gas hose now ripped from the fuel pump and dangling out the side of her gas tank. It happens.Just this morning I fired off a quick e-mail to a woman who was expecting me to do a brief presentation to the PTO about a program I’m working on for the schools. I informed her I might be a tad late today due to another meeting right before. No problem, she e-mailed back. The PTO meeting was yesterday.Oops.The funny thing is I knew the meeting was on a Wednesday. I just thought today was Wednesday. Which means yesterday, which really was Wednesday and for which I showed up to all my Wednesday appointments, was now being repeated in my mind on Thursday. I’m left with a vague feeling of co-starring alongside Bill Murray in “Groundhog Day.”

That little hiccup, combined with a few other calendar malfunctions, and I started berating myself for my lack of organization. I cringed, I apologized, I went through my calendar again. And again. I had a nice little sit-down chat with myself about proper planning. I swore.Last night sitting with my daughter I urged her to go easy on herself. When we get busy we have to be extra careful to stay on top of it all, I reminded her, very much relieved that next week would commence our family’s “slow time.” No sports, no musicals, no traveling. In the meantime, expect a few snafus and take them with a grain of salt. Be gentle on yourself when you make mistakes, I said.Sage advice, no? Charla Belinski’s column appears every other Sunday in the Post Independent. Contact her at Belinskis@comcast.net.

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