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What does the State Board of Education do?

Joyce Rankin

Joyce Rankin
Larry Laszlo |

These are the powers and duties of the state board under the Colorado Constitution:

The Colorado State Board of Education is the governing board of the Colorado Department of Education. Within its jurisdiction, the State Board:

1. Provides educational leadership for the state;

2. Appoints the commissioner of education and the director of State Board Relations;

3. Employs personnel of the Department of Education;

4. Approves the Department of Education budget;

5. Makes rules, regulations and policies that govern the Colorado Department of Education, public education including pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, adult education and public libraries;

6. Accredits public school districts;

7. Facilitates the provision of library services to the citizens of Colorado through the State Library;

8. Distributes federal and state funds;

9. Regulates educator licensing;

10. Supervises adult basic education and public libraries;

11. Appoints advisory committees;

12. Grants waivers of Colorado education law and regulations;

13. Exercises judicial authority with regard to appeals by charter schools; and

14. Submits recommendations for educational improvements to the General Assembly and governor.

Before the board initiates any rulemaking, the Colorado General Assembly must first pass legislation authorizing the board to implement the legislation through rule.

Joyce Rankin of Carbondale is a member of the State Board of Education. “Across the Street,” a reference to the board meeting across the street from the Capitol, where her husband serves in the House, appears monthly.

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