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What makes a man a real man

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Ross L. Talbott
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

What constitutes real manhood? Something seems to be fading away in today’s culture of greed, immorality and self-gratification. We have petty gangs, people lurking around in the dark and all sorts of evil deeds are glorified.

In a sense, maybe we are becoming more like the animal kingdom. It is sort of a reverse evolution, or devolution, to coin a phrase.

We are getting packs of predators that survive by ganging up on the defenseless. Then there are those that lurk around in the dark, looting and stealing what is not theirs. The pack rat comes to mind.

There are certain characteristics that distinguish real men. Number one: They do not wear costumes. Someone who is self-confident does not need to dress in skulls, black weird clothes or put his hat on backward. If you lurk around in the dark, you certainly do not need to shade your eyes.

Real men are self-sufficient. They can make it in life without being a societal parasite. You do not need to suck someone’s blood to survive. There is justifiable pride in not only being able to care for yourself, but help others.

Real men tell the truth. They do not need to lie about what they can do, where they have been or what they are up to.

Real men take responsibility for what they do. If they break it, they fix it. If they lose it, they replace it. If they borrow, they return. In fact, they even help other people fix their stuff.

Real men leave life and the world better for their having passed. Because they were there, things are cleaner, more beautiful and they work better. People are happier, kinder, better-fed and more peaceful because a real man has passed by.

Real men care for the women they love and that love them. They guarantee their security and their well-being. They commit sacrificially to the nurturing of their kids. They teach their sons to be real men and not parasites.

Real men do not need drugs to find happiness. They seek truth, integrity and the well-being of others instead of self-gratification.

When you find your car has been vandalized and parts stolen, you know it was a parasite. When you have a real man for a neighbor, your car is safer and less likely to be vandalized.

Honest and righteous people do not fear real men; in fact, quite the opposite. The parasites and predators should live in fear.

Real men will fight for the right and even die for freedom.

Real men are not oppressors. They do not seek to burden others with all sorts of unnecessary rules and regulations, but they do encourage self-reliance, personal responsibility and freedom.

Real men rejoice in others’ success. They weep with those who weep, and mourn with those who mourn.

There are parasites and predators at every level of society. The ones who sneak around in the dark are disgusting, but the ones who use the legal or political system to prey upon people are no better. A coyote with a beautiful pelt is still a predator.

Real men pray for others rather than prey upon them.

Ross L. Talbott lives in New Castle.

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