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What the world needs is a few more real men

Out on a LimbRoss L. TalbottGlenwood Springs, CO Colorado

There are trends in the American culture that I find frightening. The scariest part is that, short of a major crisis, they are only getting worse. As time goes on we are, as a society, less able to respond well or even prevent a major crisis.The most insidious problem I will call the Dagwood-Blondie syndrome, or DB for short. We used to use the term DB as short for “dunce butt.” It all rather goes together. Let me explain. Dagwood is always portrayed as a DB while Blondie is cute, clever, resourceful and intelligent. In fact, she and the neighbor lady even started their own successful business. Dagwood comes across as a mediocre employee with an abusive boss (male, of course).Actually, our whole culture, especially the liberal side, has been putting men down for years, insulting and degrading them, while at the same time touting women as stronger and more capable.Many other cartoons carry the same message. This runs from Herman to Charlie Brown.Men used to be looked upon as protectors of women and children, but times have changed. Years ago it would never have crossed anyone’s mind to put women on the military front lines.Nowadays, gender identity is a big issue. Women are trying to be men, and men are trying to be women, and if that seems strange to you, you are an intolerant bigot.Is it too unrealistic to describe today’s American man as a fat guy in shorts walking a poodle while his wife works?There are ramifications to this DB syndrome. The main reason youth gangs can control neighborhoods is the lack of real men willing to protect their wives and children. Of course, the lack of good mothers also plays a part.As I watched the Virginia Tech story unfold on the media, I was absolutely appalled that some idiot could get a whole class to line up against the wall and be executed. Why weren’t there any real men willing to sacrifice to save their fellow classmates? Apparently, the only real man was a Jewish professor who died saving his class by blocking the door. As a survivor of the Nazi concentration camps, he was aware that if evil goes unchallenged it just expands.If a few men in that class had charged the gunman, he might have killed a couple, but most would have lived.Maybe a large part of the problem is that we men have failed to appreciate and honor the unique and special contribution women make to many disciplines, from art to literature, but especially family structure and relationships. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I don’t want my daughters or granddaughters on the front lines.The New Orleans debacle revealed a desperate shortage of real men – noble, self-sacrificing, moral, honest and motivated.On the other hand, Texans didn’t make the news because they manhandled (pun intended) the problem.Major natural disasters are always a possibility, but with the onset of terrorism, there are many more opportunities for real men to step up to the plate. I trust that there are many more real men out there than are obvious.The Bible says, “Husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church and gave himself for her.” That means that husbands should take all the blame, even if it kills them. How many do you know that are willing to do that?Real men don’t father children and then abandon them. Real men don’t crash in front of the TV and expect to be waited on. A real man would die to protect his wife and family. Real men will fight for freedom. Real men are not self-indulgent. Children of real men are proud of their fathers. God Bless real men!Ross L. Talbott lives in New Castle.

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