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When it comes to quotes, context is everything

Mike Bennett
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Shortly after arriving in Glenwood Springs I connected on LinkedIn with local blogger Kathy Trauger. I thought it would be great to get her voice into the Post Independent.

Lo and behold, in her first entry on Jan. 22, she took a line from my column, “My guess is that the vast majority of drivers just want to get through our town as quickly as possible,” out of context.

My first reaction was to blow it off. Then I had friends comment that I took an unfair shot. My second reaction was to be ticked off. Then I thought about it a while and my final reaction was to shrug my shoulders and figure it was simply Kathy’s interpretation as I didn’t clearly state that I was referring to traffic heading to midvalley, Aspen or even Walmart.

We all hear people complain about being misquoted or taken out of context. This was the first time I can remember that this has happened to me. I suppose listening to such complaints over the years has made me a bit callused. We do our best to be fair and balanced when we write. Yet we are judged by the bias of the reader. I have to say that most of the time we get it right and readers are happy.

Town Talk

Speaking of making readers happy, Managing Editor Drew Munro and I continue to work on improvements to the newspaper. An idea we borrowed from the Vail Daily will require audience participation. One of their most popular features dating back to the beginning is “Town Talk.” This is a regular column filled with pictures and briefs provided by you, the journalist-reader and/or business owner.

Do you have a big marriage or business anniversary? We want to publish your picture and story. Maybe your son or daughter just joined the military? Send us the picture with a couple of lines of detail and we will publish your story. Help us make your newspaper interesting by getting us your good content.

This feature will begin in early March, although if you have those interesting pictures and stories about your business, family, friends or events you can send them to us though our website. Scroll to the very bottom and you will see how. Granted, it is a challenge to find and we will be devising an easier method for submission in the future. In the meantime, feel free to send your stuff to me a mbennett@postindependent.com.

And Kathy, thanks for writing your column. I’ve got thick skin and I know you meant no harm.

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