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Why anti-Semitism is alive and well in Europe

If you owned a prosperous company that employed 10, 30, 50 or 100 or more employees who would you want to hire as your new CEO, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton or Mitt Romney?

In your opinion, are we a country of “we the people, for the people, by the people” or are we a country of “we the government, for the government, by the government?”

Do you think that our current leadership knows the difference between an ally and an enemy?

Do you believe there is a difference between radical Islam and Islam even though there is only one Koran?

Do you believe that one of the basic goals of Muslims is that they are striving for world domination?

Do you realize there are 1.6 billion Muslims in this world and it is conservatively estimated that at least 10 percent are radicalized, or 16 million people?

Did you know that, according to my understanding of what I’ve read, the basic belief of the Muslim religion is if you are not a Muslim you are an infidel and you must submit to their way of believing or they will kill you?

Do you believe that people in general rationalize most things to fit their life styles like diets, spending habits, marriage? How about religion?

Did you ever wonder why it is that when a Muslim terrorist perpetrates a heinous crime like hijacking airlines, the Fort Hood killings, beheadings, crimes against woman or honor killings that it’s classified as workplace violence or a lone wolf attack, but when some dumbo individual takes their gun and shoots people at random it’s every gun owner’s fault? Why then isn’t it every Muslim’s fault?

Did you ever wonder why we need more gun laws or even confiscation of our guns but nobody ever suggests that we may need new laws on religions that promote the philosophies of killing people of other religions that don’t believe the way they do?

Did you ever think that if someone wants to kill you for what you said, especially in a free society, then it probably needs to be said?

Did you ever wish the” dueling dynasties” (aka the Clintons and the Bushes) would just disappear into the sunset and leave us all alone?

Do you have an opinion regarding President Obama, who spent a large part of his youth in Indonesia in a Muslim school, has American values like you and I? Do you think it’s possible that’s the reason he never condemns Muslims for the atrocities they do? Do you think he’s a Muslim?

Don’t you think with all the terrorists roaming the globe it’s way past time to close our borders?

Think of this: There have been 25 major incidents perpetrated by Muslims where thousands of innocent people have been killed and thousands seriously injured; think of this, all other religions, even atheists, live together in harmony throughout the world. Think of this, Muslims seemingly are not content to live in Muslim countries, and are happiest living in every country that is not Islamic, and finally did you know there are more than 16 Muslim terror organizations operating throughout the world whose main purpose is to dominate and kill anybody that gets in their way?

Don’t you think we have a very weak president and with all the world’s happenings we need a strong leader with a backbone and some balls?

So who do you think would make a better leader, Hillary or Mitt?

Don’t you think it’s wrong to release Gitmo inmates who are violent extremists, especially if you have family serving in the military when a significant percent of these Muslim extremists return to their previous life to kill Americans?

Do you recall what happened during and after WWII when Europe exterminated 6 million Jews who contributed creativity, talent and a very unique culture that was assimilated into the country where they lived and replaced them with 20 million Muslims who brought Europe stupidity, ignorance, religious extremism, crime and poverty, not to mention fanatical hatred? If 10 percent of the Muslims living in Europe have been radicalized, that means there are 2 million crazies ready to do harm … and guess what? It’s happening. Do you understand why anti-Semitism is still alive and well in Europe? I don’t.

Stan Rachesky of Glenwood Springs is a regular letter writer.

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