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Without integrity from our leaders, parasites will take over the country

Ross Talbott
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As the political scandals mount, I am becoming increasingly frustrated with government, especially at the federal level.

As I pondered the situation a particularly descriptive word came to mind: integrity.

I went to my old Collegiate Webster dictionary and looked it up. Good words stood out such as “undivided, soundness, purity, moral soundness, honesty and uprightness.”

The personal scandals of many of our legislators suggest that they are seriously lacking in integrity at all levels.

The issue here is that when we elect government representatives at all levels, we are empowering them and entrusting them with major and critical issues that not only affect us personally but determine the future of our children and grandchildren, ad infinitum.

At my present time in life, I am not particularly concerned about my situation. What really haunts me is what the future holds for my grandchildren.

Let me start by conceding that I believe that our county and town officials do have integrity. I may disagree with some of their policy decisions, but I do not sense any evil intent. I do not sense anyone promoting policies for personal aggrandizement or monetary profit.

The federal level of politics is a whole different picture. There is an obvious maneuvering to protect Islamic terrorists, to devastate our country financially and to promote socialism. The buzz word is “progressive.”

All elected officials pledge to uphold the Constitution when they take the oath of office. Basic integrity would be honoring and living up to that pledge. Anyone who violates that pledge should automatically be removed from office.

If our children possessed a foundational sense of integrity, all the problems we deal with from cheating on tests to stupid sexual behavior would fade away.

The best place for children to learn integrity comes primarily from parental example. The next most effective purveyors of integrity are school teachers. Tenure should be primarily decided on the integrity of the teacher.

A frightening number of men in today’s culture have abdicated responsibility in relationships, and the resulting children are suffering the results. Women are also not exhibiting integrity or requiring it of the fathers. We cannot expect quality, responsible and productive generations from such self-centered actions.

If a person has integrity, the spinoff is a sense of responsibility.

It seems that there are a growing number of people that feel no sense of responsibility to family, community or country.

It was encouraging to see all the outpouring of appreciation of our military on Memorial Day. Men and women with a deep sense of responsibility to keep our nation free and often at great sacrifice were justifiably honored.

Try to visualize our nation as a large, international guard dog, a dog that staunchly works and fights to preserve our freedom and constitutional rights. Now visualize the heart as the driving force of our economy, which is the blood flow of our nation. The productive people are the bone marrow and productive organs that keep our economy strong and healthy.

If you have a dog you are aware that there are parasites. They are the things that suck away the blood and weaken the dog. Our dog nation is full of parasites that live off the economic blood flow of our productive parts. When government creates jobs it just creates more parasites. When the private sector creates products and jobs it increases the blood flow.

If our leadership fails to embrace integrity and responsibility the parasites will continue to weaken us to the point of death. The Constitution does not give the right to be a parasite.

“Out On A Limb” appears on the first Tuesday of the month. Ross L. Talbott lives in New Castle, where he is a business owner.

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