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Wondering why W wants to wage war

There are bats in the belfry of the white house dome

Taking clappers from the bells of the white dove’s home,

With clappers in their claws they beat the drums of war,

A reverberating rhythm to hail our matador,

And the doves are flying silent, their bells don’t ring

In the arena where the bull is the bat’s plaything.

As the matador taunts, sticky bat lips smiled,

But when he draws first blood, flapping bats go wild!

With the death of the bull, the matador’s a stud,

And the bats in the belfry slake their thirst for blood.

In the aftermath of violence, peace has been produced,

But with the use of violence, the peace has been reduced,

The doves have left the white house, though thirsty bats are full,

And clappers in the peace-bells are stained with blood of bull.

Is peace a slave to violence, or is violence a slave to peace?

Do we use violence to achieve peace or peace to achieve violence?

Has peace ever been achieved by war?

Can you stop terrorism by bombing people?

Are the periods between wars a time of peace or just a time to prepare for the next war?

Why are we always building more weapons during times of so-called peace?

Has there ever been peace, or just interludes between wars?

How many people does a freedom fighter have to kill before he becomes an inhuman tyrant?

Why do so many world citizens hate Americans?

What does violence prove?

Have we taught our friends and enemies that a certain amount of violence will inspire a certain amount of peace?

Are we afraid our enemies will become like us?

Why do we have so many weapons?

Why do we have nuclear weapons if we’re not going to use them?

Are we the aggressor?

Do we govern by fear?

What are we afraid of?

Why do we have the biggest military in the world?

Who are we trying to control, them or us?

Is America a bigger threat to world peace than Iraq?

Why do “peace-loving” nations always have the most weapons?

If we respected life, could there be war?

If innocent Iraqis are to be killed for the policies of Saddam Hussein, would it be acceptable for innocent Americans to be killed for the policies of George Bush?

How would you react if someone tried to kill you because of President Bush’s policies?

Is turn-about fair play?

Do you agree with the president’s war agenda?

Why do we spend more money on the military than on education and poverty?

Why has so little been invested in renewable energies?

Is it really all about oil?

If it is really about oil, would you give up driving?

Why not?

Are France, Russia and Germany really just protecting their own oil interests in Iraq by protesting war?

Are you prepared to pay for the long-term occupation of Iraq?

Are you prepared to suffer financially?

How many American casualties would you be willing to accept in the event of war?

What about Osama bin Laden?

What about Kim Jong Il and North Korea?

Are North Koreans a bigger threat than Iraq?

Will the nations of NATO unite against the United States if we rush to war?

Are we making more or less enemies by making war?

Can the United States defend its human rights policies when we employ the death penalty and military tribunals?

What if NATO adopted a resolution to enforce global warming threats, would the United States be No. 1 on the hit list?

It’s been said that even a dog sniffs a bone before he puts it in his mouth. The bones of war are laced with dread. We ought to take a good long whiff before we swallow anything as suspicious as this.



Peace is love, war is hate, the one we choose decides our fate.

Silt resident Bernie Boettcher’s column runs every other Thursday in the Post Independent.

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