Community postings to become a new calendar in the New Year |

Community postings to become a new calendar in the New Year

From ice climbing classes to Santa’s neighborhood fire truck rides, community postings create a world of their own in our daily paper.I enjoy reading the community postings, and it’s not because I am required to edit them for style and content. Even if I don’t have the extra hours in the day or the superfluous cash flow to take a course or attend a dinner/dance fund-raiser, I still have fun reading about how others spend their time.One recent posting, about Aspen Expeditions’ “Locals Introduction to Ice Climbing” course, caught my eye. I was intrigued, considering the course involves climbing frozen waterfalls and includes necessary equipment such as a harness, crampons and ice tools. As I’m flatlander by nature, my experience with frozen waterfalls basically amounts to overflowing residential gutters. For me, rappelling with an ice tool in hand while wearing metal cleats seems like a bad accident waiting to happen. However, I am comforted to know if I ever desire to gain technical alpine mountaineering experience by climbing frozen stuff under the supervision of registered guides, the opportunity is right at my fingertips in this valley.In the past week, we also told readers about a Carbondale rodeo party at Dos Gringos Burritos. Honestly, the draw of burritos, beers, and bull riding television coverage at the national rodeo finals – these are a few of my favorite things – was almost too much to resist. But, our olive green couch called that night. It seems it was feeling a little lonely after we stayed out late the previous night at the paper’s boogie-down Christmas party. We stayed in Saturday, renting “Elf” and preparing for the season’s first run at Sunlight the next day. Still, the chance to enjoy a little chili con queso, cerveza and cowboy eye candy was there for the taking, and I knew that because I read it in the paper.After the New Year, the community section is planning to step up its presentation of information for events like I mentioned. We now run postings each day as they are submitted, which sometimes means as late as a day or two before the event takes place. We will change our policy to accommodate for a full-page calendar published every Sunday for the upcoming week. The same will happen for arts and entertainment listings in the weekly Options section. Listings will be abbreviated to the basic news essentials: what, when, where, and who to contact.This revamped arrangement will allow readers to cut out a comprehensive calendar and tape it up on their refrigerators so they know what is occurring in the community that week. We will have a firm deadline for community events, and if submissions are not received by our designated date, they will not appear in the calendar.January will serve as a grace period for the new style, meaning we will accept one late submission per group/activity until the new policy takes effect. Please submit event information by e-mail at, fax at 945-4487 or in person at 2014 Grand Ave., Glenwood Springs. Feel free to contact me with questions at the number listed below.We are creating a weekly community calendar to provide a consistent and fair representation of upcoming events. This way I can plan ahead and save money for the next ice climbing course or rodeo finals party. Man, is my couch going to be mad.April E. Clark can barely walk on ice without falling and may add crampons to her wardrobe this year. Reach her at 945-8515, ext. 513, or

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