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Letter: Contradiction makes it hard to sort out the truth

One of the major issues today is the problem of truth. There are so many contradictory things in the news that it is hard to sort out what is truth. Of course some say that you can have your truth and I can have my truth, and that’s OK, even if they are different.
Today’s big issues are collusion with Russia, obstruction of justice, effects of immigration, and global warming (i.e climate change). The news channels spend many hours speculating and predicting. Then there is fake news and we spend our time trying to figure out what the truth really is. The future of our nation and economy hang in the balance.
Another critical issue is the spiritual concept of Truth. Most people worldwide have the feeling that there is some sort of life that continues after physical death. If there is an eternal life after death, getting it right is the most critical decision we must make. Do we come back in another form? Do we become a God? Do we get 70 virgins? Is there a heaven or a hell? Do we just cease to exist? This is the truth we can’t afford to get wrong.
Ross L Talbott
New Castle

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