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Letter: Criminals released

Since you’re so pro-Obama and that is exactly what the local paper spouts, the question has come to my attention that there are thousands of criminals in the country illegally who have been released by the Obama administration.

Not one newspaper has reported this, not one TV newscast has reported this. Not one person in the media has tried to make it plain that these are not just petty criminals. Theses are criminals who have committed serious crimes against Americans. Rapes, shootings, so many different type of crimes, and yet this president is the one who has set them free, with the excuse that they are only guilty of being here in this country illegally.

It’s not going to be reported as he and the Democrats can’t afford to allow the public to have this information before the next presidential election. I would imagine that you won’t bother to make an article of it nor will you see fit to even comment on it in the newspaper. Such a shame that this isn’t broadcast far and wide.

Audrey Jane Spaulding


Editor’s note: Here’s a link to a CBS News report on the releases to which the letter refers: http://tinyurl.com/CBSreleases.

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