Customers have a right to know |

Customers have a right to know

As everyone knows, there are two guarantees in life – death and taxes.However, the new PIF tax at Glenwood Meadows just might be making life difficult for some customers.The PIF, or public improvement fee, is a reality for Target customers, and will be part of other businesses after they open at Glenwood Meadows in the future.When walking out the door with general merchandise, customers will see a total of about 9.5 percent taxes on their receipts. That includes a 1.5 percent PIF tax.The fee is levied by Glenwood Meadows Metropolitan Districts 1 and 3, and is a permanent fee charged to customers to help pay for improvements and maintaining the retail development.Other stores in the city do not charge an improvement fee. The fee charged by Meadows’ retailers makes sense to ensure that extra funds will be available for public infrastructure improvements at the outdoor mall.One of the problems with the PIF tax is that many people don’t know about it until the receipt pops out.It’s the stores’ responsibility to inform the customer that they will be paying extra to shop at Meadows.Right now, Target needs to make certain that all its employees know about the PIF tax and can answer questions if customers ask them about the fee. Other stores should do the same once they open.Stores should also post signs about the fee. Shoppers and employees should know about the fee before they open the doors. Signs should also be posted at checkout stands.More information is better. Glenwood Meadows will be providing area shoppers with a variety of shopping alternatives. It’s vital that every store be open and up front about the PIF fee. Customers should know about it and decide if they want to pay extra for merchandise.The PIF tax is a good plan. Not informing the public is an irresponsible move.Meadows has arrived, and with it comes a little extra money for merchandise.The customer has a right to know that shopping at Meadows will cost a little extra.

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