DeFrates column: Winter poems for the Roaring Fork Valley |

DeFrates column: Winter poems for the Roaring Fork Valley

It has been a long year. There are enough weighty opinions in the world at this moment. So instead of opining, I wrote two poems for my beloved Roaring Fork Valley.

Ode to a Code Enforcer

Oh, Glenwood parking lady, with determined yellow chalk,

How many countless seasons, I have seen you walk,

Briskly, surely, marking

Tires of every vehicle parking

In our dear downtown.

The bell tolls two hours: like magic you appear.

Although petite, your shadow still sparks fear.

Your position may be code enforcer

But you seem a sorcer-er

Magically efficient.

Your dedication and your verve

Have gotten on my every nerve.

But the town relies on your budget line,

And I, grudgingly, will pay my fine.

Though I wish that you would once complain

Of icy sidewalks, wind and rain,

You do not waiver from your mission-

I hope to God you make commission.

When We Had Snow

When we had snow, at 5 AM,

The plows would rumble through again,

Grinding music to the ears

Of seasonal workers, kids, and skiers.

When we had snow, the tourists rolled

Up to our slopes for frozen gold,

Their dollars spent on winter fun,

Their taxes made the cities run.

When we had snow, the bears all slept

And with garbage cans were less adept.

The beetles slumbered in the trees

And we weren’t losing all our bees.

So sing to Ullr, dance and drink

Watch the weather, pray and think

On the future of this Rocky Range-

Here’s to fictional climate change.

Lindsay DeFrates now lives in Glenwood Springs and is a sleep-deprived freelance writer.

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