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Dream big and I’ll dream right along with you

Are We There Yet?Charla BelinskiGlenwood Springs, CO Colorado
Charla Belinski

Are We There Yet?Charla BelinskiGlenwood Springs, CO Colorado

My sister owns a small business that she’s been quietly building over the last few years. She works with kids and classical music – not exactly a combination sure to make her rich. But like most people who open up shop to do something they love, she’s not worried about her own bottom line. As long as she’s making it at the end of the month, she’d rather labor for passion than a paycheck; which works out well unless, of course, you have a penchant for cute shoes and accessories. But I digress.So she’s generally happy with her vocation but, like everyone else, she’s entitled to a bad day now and then; and so it happened that she found herself one day truly worrying about the future. She poured out her uncertainties to a friend on a recent afternoon, wallowing in the world of “what-ifs.” Her friend listened patiently while she fretted about decisions, how to better market her business and the impact, if any, she was having on the world. We’ve all been there – trying to sort out our own existential angst and second-guessing our own (good) decisions. We don’t necessarily need anyone to fix our problems or offer empty praise. We just need a shoulder, a soft place to land in an otherwise tenuous moment. Which is why I love what happened next.

My sister and her friend parted, and at the end of the day my sister approached her car and noticed a note stuck to the window.”Everything has a way of working out,” it said. “Dream big and I’ll dream right along with you. And if by chance we fail, we’ll just drink my yummy margaritas and then try again.”Ah, friendship. It always comes with a silver lining. Or at least a rim of salt.What a gift to offer someone the permission to dream big. If you can dream it, you can do it, Walt Disney said; and yet why is it so many of us are afraid of the dream itself? From a young age, we start asking our kids what they want to be when they grow up, encouraging their imaginations. But somewhere along the line the encouragement gets dulled, and so do we. We dream, but not quite so big. We confuse imagination with fantasy and believe it will never happen to us. We think we can, but let the voices of others intercede and tell us we can’t.

What if we simply told each other, “Dream big and I’ll dream with you”? The worst that can happen is we fail together. And then, in my sister’s case at least, we’ll have a margarita and start over. To quote another of my favorite movie minds, Yoda, “There is no try, only do.” And every time we “do,” we add experience and understanding to our repertoire. If kids are raised with the idea that failure is often a necessary means to the end, rather than a reason to give up and go small, imagine the possibilities. When adults dream big, it immediately gives our children permission to do the same. So go ahead and dream, take chances, dance like nobody’s watching. And if you fail, we’ll drink yummy margaritas and try again. Charla Belinski’s column appears every other Sunday in the Glenwood Springs Post Independent.

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