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Everyone can get a flu shot

State Health Officials have lifted all restrictions on the use of flu vaccine, allowing the general public to receive flu shots, as of Jan. 4. This decision was made to make sure all flu vaccine currently available in Colorado is utilized. The general public, including all individuals six months of age and older, now are free to receive a flu shot if they chose to. Please disregard recent notices discussing the restriction expansions. It’s not too late to get a shot and be protected from the flu this year. These shots will be provided from the limited, scattered supply of flu vaccine available in Colorado as part of a flu season marked by a national flu vaccine shortage. Garfield County Public Health has a combined supply of approximately 120 doses for adults and children. An open clinic is scheduled from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 15, at Rifle City Market. The cost is $15/flu shot. Sara Harter, Garfield County public health immunization coordinator, says that the area is just starting to experience an increase in flu cases. Just fill out a form; it’s quick and easy, and you’ll be relieved when everyone else around you is feeling queasy.nnn Judy Gordon and Karen Wood are starting up the process for the second annual Coal Country Feud, which will happen sometime in May. Last year’s festivities were broadcast on cable channel 10. The feud is a fund-raiser, which supports Burning Mountain Festival, and 10 percent goes to town projects. Last year’s town project was the acquisition of the stone for the miner’s statue in Burning Mountain Park. “There are so many things we can help with as a community,” said Gordon. “We’re going to fine tune the event and make it even better this year,” she said.Last year’s winning team was City Council, and the trophy is proudly displayed in council chambers. This year, family groups may participate along with the groups and organizations. Stay tuned for more details about the Coal Country Feud as they become available.nnnTown Council passed a new pet ordinance, allowing a total of five permanent pets per household, no more than three dogs. Only one litter per household, until the litter is 4 months old. There is an exception to the ordinance for licensed kennels, pet shops and shelters.The ordinance prohibits harboring or feeding of stray dogs or cats without taking full responsibility of the animal, including veterinary care.Town councilman Bob Gordon walked into Town Hall last week with his new dog, Tramp. Tramp visited with everyone in the building while Gordon went about doing his own business. When it was time to leave, Tramp had a town dog license rolled up under his collar, just a friendly reminder to make sure his owner kept everything legal according to the new ordinances.nnnCitizens wanting to contribute in some way to tsunami relief may find jars marked as collections for tsunami relief in churches, schools, and businesses. Please donate to help those who were affected by this disaster.Kay Vasilakis’ New Castle News column runs every other Thursday. For news tips and inspirations, please call 984-2308, or 945-8515, ext. 513, or e-mail kvasilakis@postindependent.com.Kay Vasilakis’ New Castle News column runs every other Thursday. For news tips and inspirations, please call 984-2308, or 945-8515, ext. 513, or e-mail kvasilakis@postindependent.com.

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