Find clues to find prizes in libraries’ teen treasure hunt |

Find clues to find prizes in libraries’ teen treasure hunt

Have you heard? The libraries are giving away free electronics. Yes, it’s true! This summer the Garfield County Public Library District is giving away six digital cameras and 12 MP3 players to teens entering grades seven through 12.


1) The libraries like teens.

2) The libraries love a good challenge.

3) The libraries are sponsoring a Treasure Hunt this summer.

4) The libraries are all about searching to find knowledge ” which is a whole lot like a treasure, anyway.

So, how do you get your hands on a digital camera or MP3 player? Simple: find the treasure, and find it fast! The “treasure” is in the form of keys hidden in six rock hide-a-keys. There is one hidden in Carbondale, Glenwood Springs, New Castle, Silt, Rifle, and Parachute. So, no matter where you live, you won’t have to travel far to search.

Each town, big or small, has plenty of nooks and crannies to hide something that little. To aid your search, there is a unique set of clues for each town. There are several clues available now, and one additional clue is revealed each week. Each library branch has them posted in the library, and they are also available 24/7 at the Teen Reads Summer Tour wiki

You must be warned; the clues are cryptic. For instance, Rifle’s first clue is, “Don’t try to eat with the giant’s four-pronged fork.” It’s up to you to figure out if the “fork” is oddly-shaped, metal, giant-sized, even a fork at all, or disgusting (hence the “don’t eat with it” part). Then you have to figure out where this “fork” would be in Rifle. Is it near a restaurant? Is it near a set of converging paths? What do you think?

There are many searching already. Teens can even interact and leave comments on the wiki about the Treasure Hunt. Someone wrote, “Man, oh man, I was pretty sure I knew the location of these clues, but I spent hours searching and found nothing. This is a real brain twister!” Another wrote, “The clues to the Silt Library Treasure Hunt are totally awesome. The clues are really tough to figure out, but I’m trying and enjoying the hunt.”

The Treasure Hunt is part of the Teen Reads Summer Tour. The Summer Tour is a free program created to make the summer more exciting, and to reward teens for reading. In addition to the Treasure Hunt, you can participate in events such as Manga Mania (a drawing workshop), Creative Writing, and a Songwriting Workshop.

Register at your local Garfield County Library today and join the Summer Tour.

And, if you want to get your hands on a new digital camera or MP3 player, start searching for the keys right now! Time is of the essence …

Emily Hisel is youth librarian for the Rifle Branch Library.

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