Fricke column: How our establishment parties ruined America |

Fricke column: How our establishment parties ruined America

Is Donald Trump your president? How long will it take Americans to get over the 2016 political hangover? There will be many questions and many unknowns about the forthcoming Trump presidency. What will happen to the economy? Will Obamacare be repealed and replaced? Will we still have Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid? Will all undocumented immigrants be deported?

What will happen with international relations? Will a wall be built at the Mexican border? Will Russia become our best friend? Will America lose NATO? Will America lose European allies? Will we spend more on the military?

Speaking of foreign relations, do you believe Russia hacked America’s election system because President Obama told you so? There is no official evidence that the Russians hacked America’s election system. Could it be that President Obama’s punishment of Russia is his way of overcompensating for Hillary Clinton’s election loss? This is another bad foreign policy decision by President Obama.

Let this election be a harsh reminder to all of us how our establishment parties, the Democrats and the Republicans, ruined America. I will disagree with the establishment every time about the relevance of the Electoral College.

If you look at the language of the Electoral College, basically, America’s forefather’s did not trust its own people when it came to voting in national elections. It was their aristocratic hangover. It is like having the British Parliament select our president. On Dec. 19, our arrogant aristocratic electors did not trust the American people as well. After this election, how can we, the American people, trust them? Will our voting ever matter? Who knows, we may never see any type of democracy or a democratic republic again.

The Trump presidency will make the Democrats in Congress more entrenched politically. Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-New York, and Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-California, are circling the wagons of the Democratic Party establishment. The political gridlock in Washington could get worse.

It will all start with the Senate approving or disapproving Trump’s Cabinet appointees. Trump may not get off on the right foot with Congress.

Rex Tillerson, president of Exxon-Mobil, will be the most controversial, but then, I believe that all of his appointees are controversial. Tillerson’s relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin is causing major concern.

What promises will Trump make to get his appointees pushed through the confirmation hearings? Will the Democrats just pretend to be tough on Trump’s appointees? Don’t forget that Democrats belong to the same Wall Street country club as do the Republicans. Don’t be surprised if Democrats give Trump’s wealthy 1 percent Cabinet their approval.

Republican members of Congress are now on their political power trip, getting ready to destroy Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the food stamp program. Can we impeach Congress for doing this? Maybe this power trip will be short-lived. The GOP is delusional in thinking Trump will make the Republican Party great again. Does Trump really care about the Republican Party? Will he destroy the Republican Party on or before 2018?

The chances of Sen. Bernie Sanders, D-Vermont, reforming the Democratic Party now will be slim to none. The progressives in the Democratic Party such as Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Massachusetts, will see their democratic socialist platforms placed on the back burner.

There has been little difference between establishment Democrats and establishment Republicans since the George W. Bush administration. The problem is that many American voters don’t recognize this. The Democratic and Republican parties want Americans to be their political zombies. To quote Alison Rose Levy, a radio talk-show host and columnist, “America is being held hostage by these two political parties.”

Will this be a short-term presidency for Donald J. Trump? Will he be bored with the presidency? I believe that he will find the presidency too confining. Will Trump miss the Trump Towers? How long will Trump’s billionaire Cabinet appointees last? Will there be lots of turnover in the Trump administration? How many people will Trump fire? If things go badly, will the American people have the opportunity to tell Donald J. Trump, “You’re fired?”

One of my New Year’s resolutions for the next two years is to help rescue the American people from the Democratic and Republican parties. America’s future is at stake.

Randy Fricke lives in New Castle. He is an environmental advocate and a political activist and the author of “If I Were President, Saving Main Street America.”

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