Fricke column: Stein — the answer to America’s election crisis |

Fricke column: Stein — the answer to America’s election crisis

Oh, look, Hillary Clinton has presumed herself to be president with over two months before the election. In doing so, she has hired Ken Salazar as her White House transition team leader.

Salazar is a former U.S. senator from Colorado who was secretary of the interior under President Obama until 2013. Now, Salazar works for the WilmerHale Law Firm, which represents all of the bad boys of Wall Street — Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, JPMorganChase, Pfizer, Monsanto, GE and others.

The big-name client list is almost endless. Oh, I forgot to add BP, the oil spill giant, to this list. This more than confirms that Hillary Clinton would be a Wall Street president. If Clinton wins the presidency, Salazar will probably be appointed to an energy-related Cabinet post. Look out America; we will get fracked to death.

In last month’s column, I left you hanging as whom to vote for now that Sen. Bernie Sanders is no longer running. Many Americans are currently stymied by the lesser-of-two-evils scenario. This quote from a recent Associated Press story tells it all: “WASHINGTON — The vast majority of Americans say they are afraid of the two major candidates — Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump — winning the White House, a remarkable finding that reflects an unsettled nation unhappy with its choice. Eighty-one percent of Americans say they would feel afraid following the election of one of the two polarizing politicians, according to a new Associated Press-GfK poll. That includes a quarter who say it doesn’t matter who wins: They’re scared of both.”

If Clinton doesn’t get indicted and wins the election, she will have stolen what’s left of our democratic republic. She has had lots of help in this political robbery from the DNC, MSNBC, CNN, The New York Times and probably a few others. It was visibly obvious during the primary season that the Democratic National Committee and these news media corporations were out to discredit Sanders and his campaign. This corporate media bias is without question the worst that I have ever seen. I can no longer trust what I see or read from most of the mainstream media today.

There are many reports of a major exodus from both the Democratic and Republican parties right now. It is apparent that the American people are disgusted with the corruption and the insider manipulation that goes with these two major political parties. Many voters are now turning to third-party presidential candidates.

Many of these voter refugees will also land in the free world of independents. Nationally, 46 percent of the registered voters in America are now independent/unaffiliated. I have a hunch that number will increase.

Forgive me for not saying much about Donald Trump. Do I have to?

America, we have an election crisis. The whole election process is corrupt.

If Sen. Bernie Sanders cannot escape Clinton’s tyrannical threatening grip to run as an independent, this Bernie or Buster is considering voting for Jill Stein, the Green Party’s presidential candidate. Stein faces the same uphill challenges that Sanders did — mainly the biased corporate media.

Plus, Stein is facing the unfair challenge of getting on all of the state ballots, but she is slowly winning that battle. Stein promotes many of the same ideas as those of Sen. Sanders and more. Here are few examples of her ideas: ban fracking, 100 percent renewable energy economy by 2030, Medicare-for-all single-payer health insurance, $15 an hour federal minimum wage, break up Wall Street banks, cut the defense budget by 50 percent, and my ultimate wish list goes on.

Stein has some excellent approaches on ending racism and poverty in America, as well. I am very impressed by her knowledge of foreign affairs, plus she is anti-war. I find Stein to be very professional, gracious and humble. These are human qualities that you won’t find in the other candidates. Stein has the best prescription for America to heal: peace, health and social justice for all. Stein could be the best thing that could happen to America right now.

Randy Fricke of New Castle is an environmental advocate and political activist. He is the author of “If I Were President/Saving Main Street America.” His column appears on the first Friday of the month.

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