Friday letters: 480 Donegan, senior transportation, calling out Boebert, and balanced reporting |

Friday letters: 480 Donegan, senior transportation, calling out Boebert, and balanced reporting

Lucky last time

My name is Ron, and I was a USPS “mailman” in Glenwood back in June 2002. My task on the afternoon of the Coal Seam Fire was to perform what we called collections (collecting the outgoing mail from all of the blue drop boxes all over town and take it to the mail processing facility in West Glenwood).

I had one last box to “collect,” by the doors nearest the Kmart. I couldn’t get to it. The fire was roaring up South Canyon in our direction. I managed to get to the frontage road in front of the Mall and Glenwood Ford. The traffic was at absolute gridlock. The police were likely doing the best that they could under the circumstances.

If the fire had come any faster, there likely could have been deadly consequences. Let’s not forget how quickly the “Storm King 14” were overwhelmed. A number of us believe that it is not a matter of if, but when, there will be another conflagration.

I think that the 480 Donegan project and adding 200 to 300 additional vehicles to this mix would be a serious and grave mistake. Luckily there weren’t any fatalities in 2002. I sincerely hope that there won’t be any in the next fire as well but am greatly concerned that this project may alter these odds in a negative way.

I feel that this project is a bad idea.

Ron Reed

New Castle

Traveler service clarification

In the Nov. 26 article titled “Rifle keen to continue support of senior meals program despite finding unknowns,” The Traveler transportation program is described as a senior transportation service. Additionally, the Garfield County website lists the Traveler and Paratransit under the heading “Senior Transportation,” misleading the public to believe that the county has transportation services for the older population.

In fact, eligibility has to do with being unable to use public transportation because of a temporary or permanent disability. Service is governed by Americans with Disabilities Act rules, which prohibit age discrimination. This means that age cannot legally be used for determining eligibility. Hence, a 20-year-old with a broken leg would be eligible for The Traveler while an 80-year-old who can comfortably walk would not.

In reality, there are no transportation services specifically for seniors in Garfield County, and therefore The Traveler and Paratransit should not be listed on the GarCo website, nor referred to, as being senior transportation services.

Judie Blanchard

Carbondale Age-Friendly

Community Initiative co-chair


Blackhearted and evil

It’s been a week since the video broke showing CD3 Rep. Lauren Boebert’s racial, religious and xenophobic attack of fellow Congresswoman, Minnesota Democrat Ilham Omar. 

Aside from an AP report in this paper, why has the editorial board not stepped up to denounce this behavior as wrong, disgraceful and un-American? Or when will the Garfield County Republicans speak up, even when those they support err? 

There was a time not long ago that Republicans had a sense of decency and dignity to censure a member of Congress who disgraced her office like this. Let’s face it, Republicans are scared of their own supporters; they’re scared to anger the former president who led them down this treacherous path. The decent Republicans who have called out Jan. 6 for what it was (a treasonous attempt to overturn a free and fair election) now face retirement or ostracism from the fringe elements of their own party. 

The Post Independent and the Garfield County Republicans have a duty to call this behavior out, so that it hopefully won’t happen again. The more the media and the Republicans turn a blind eye to this behavior, the more it persists. It is a parallel, identical cycle to what the party did with the former president. If you ignore the bad behavior, it won’t go away. In fact, it propagates.

Today a new video has surfaced from a fundraiser in September where Rep. Boebert used a similar but distinctly different routine disparaging Ilhan Omar and another Muslim member of congress, calling them black-hearted and evil. 

It’s time for this woman to take a good look in the mirror and resign.

Lee Barger

Glenwood Springs

Balanced reporting

A huge thank-you goes to Ike Fredregill for his thorough, balanced and insightful reporting, “Residents file referendum on 480 Donegan” in the Nov. 29 GPI. 

A huge housing development is being pushed through in West Glenwood without the infrastructure to support it. I worry for the residents needing to flee the next wildfire when there is already gridlock. 

If that land must be developed, how about using it for a senior center? Or a preschool? Or a community garden? Or walking trails? These are things we need that won’t impact existing roads. We simply can’t afford to bring more people and housing into this community at this time.

Our city councilors were elected to listen to us. Clearly, Charlie Willman, Jonathan Godes, Shelley Kaup and Steve Davis do not listen to their constituents.

Joan Isenberg

Glenwood Springs

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