Friday letters: Ascendigo doesn’t fit, saddened by Ascendigo opponents, neighbors distorting facts, and Bertuglia for HCE |

Friday letters: Ascendigo doesn’t fit, saddened by Ascendigo opponents, neighbors distorting facts, and Bertuglia for HCE

Doesn’t fit neighborhood

Ascendigo’s land use change request has been divisive for the community. Many opposed have donated money, goods or services or have children and/or loved ones on the spectrum. Some chose Missouri Heights because their own disability required that they relocate to a quiet, nonstimulating area.

Are your clients’ needs more important than the needs of your neighbors who were already established here? Perhaps the reason that you continue to get so much pushback is because you continue to choose residential neighborhoods, which are just not compatible with what you are trying to do.

You are in jeopardy of permanently fracturing the relationships that have helped you prosper thus far. The community, your community, has spoken (about 560 people to date).

Your proposed project doesn’t fit with an educational use. Your project would bring a continuously lit parking lot to the backyard of a residential neighborhood, provide unacceptable levels of traffic and noise, disrupt the rural feeling that we all bought homes in Missouri Heights for, and bring a wildcard to the most extreme wildfire prone area in our county, all without proper egress.

Your traffic study and water tests revealed problems. What do you have to gain? Nothing is worth destroying the good name of your company. You can still come out of this intact, with a community behind you. Your actions speak louder than words. Please open up your heart and return to the community that has supported you since the start.

Your clients do deserve a camp, just in the right location that won’t further divide and fracture our community and interfere with the enjoyment of people’s property.

Natasha Soby

Missouri Heights, Carbondale

Saddened by opposition

I am writing in support of Ascendigo’s proposed educational development in Missouri Heights. I was born and raised in the Roaring Fork Valley and have always considered it a compassionate space. 

I am incredibly saddened and disappointed by the way some community members have responded.

I read comments stating this development would not be child-friendly or cyclist/hiker-friendly. These individuals are blind to their privilege, as most of the world is not very autism-friendly. Individuals on the spectrum consistently mask who they are every day to live up to a neurotypical society that refuses to make room for them. People on the spectrum deserve inclusion; they deserve a space where they can be themselves.

I have worked and volunteered with children and young adults with severe autism for many years now. I began my volunteerism at Ascendigo’s summer camp and had the privilege to also work in their life enrichment team. To hear people say that this development would disrupt the calmness of Missouri Heights was disheartening. People with autism are routinely subjected to negative stereotypes.

Ascendigo’s education center would be beneficial not only to the autism community but to the RFV residents. It would allow them to learn and educate themselves about autism and, in the process, create a place of understanding.

There is no other place that offers the support, services and experiences for the autism community in the way Ascendigo does. Equitable and inclusive spaces such as this proposed development are rare. We cannot minimize the struggles and challenges individuals on the spectrum and their families face. Ascendigo is willing and able to provide an environment dedicated to this underrepresented community; they are willing to support, respect and value those on the spectrum. To turn Ascendigo down would be a disservice to our community.

I encourage the RFV community to bear in mind the needs of others and not only what we need immediately. Ascendigo can make a difference. Let’s support them in creating something impactful for those on the spectrum and their families.

Karla Ruiz Cravioto


Taking offense

I have been a valley native since 1968, and oh, my, how this valley has changed and grown. Missouri Heights was almost nonexistent; now it’s home to thousands, even though it’s said to be “a barren desert where fire and water loss is certain,” according to some residents. 

I take offense to KMOHR’s exaggerated photos of city traffic and dry deserts.

I believe Ascendigo will bring a better class of people to the neighborhood and will be the “lesser evil” of development currently approved for that area. I have complete trust in our county commissioners to look at the facts, not the hype, and make the best decision for the community. 

Yes on Ascendigo. No on manipulative, dishonest neighbors that feel it’s appropriate to distort the facts to get their way.

Nancy Williams

Glenwood Springs

Bertuglia for HCE

Please join me in voting to reelect Kristen Bertuglia to the Holy Cross Energy board of directors. Kristen has served on the HCE board for the past nine years and has been instrumental in helping develop the vision, goals and strategies for a clean energy future. 

During Kristen’s service on the board, HCE has become one of the most innovative, progressive and industry-leading electric utilities in the country. She has supported the HCE 70% renewable energy commitment, without increasing rates, and the latest goal, 100% by 2030. 

Kristen has proven her commitment to providing safe, affordable, reliable power, with over $4.5 million returned to HCE members just last year in member equity. 

I have served alongside Kristen during many community sustainability initiatives in the Eagle Valley. She is an energetic and tireless champion of initiatives that create better futures for all. Kristen has a deep understanding of the energy and utility industry, energy policy and program development, and solution-oriented partnerships with nonprofits and local governments. 

As Vail’s environmental sustainability director, she is committed to listening proactively to citizens and creating solutions for climate change, environment, economy, social equity, diversity and wildfire resilience. 

Kim Langmaid


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