Friday letters: Bad policy, politics, and wear your mask |

Friday letters: Bad policy, politics, and wear your mask

Bad policy combined with politics

This is an open letter to all the residents who reside in the Four Mile area regarding the current development on what was a 27-acre parcel that served the sewer plant for the Sunlight subdivisions.

There was an application on Sept. 4, 2018 for a use other than the zoned rural residential. Few Four Mile residents knew that a hearing was taking place if it were not for a resident of Four Mile getting out the word. As a result, the hearing was attended by some 35-plus people. Only two spoke in favor of the application. One was the previous owner who sold the parcel to the applicant and the other was Commissioner Tom Jankovsky. Even the county planning department denied the application.

This denial decision preserving the rural residential zoning was short-lived. On March 8, 2019, an application was approved by the county as policy, this change in use violates the comprehensive plan that states, in part, “That any change in use must be compatible with the neighborhood.” I contend that a permit that contains an 1869 residential use and a 4,800-square foot building is not compatible with the neighborhood and the activity that goes with it.

One serious objection by county planning during the first hearing was a dangerous entrance to the parcel onto Four Mile Road. The petitioner stated that the entrance could be changed. This is no longer an option because the parcel has been split. The entrance is in place in the same location that the county had previously objected to during the first hearing. What changed in that now the entrance is safe and acceptable?

The most negative aspect of this present approval is that it is like the virus and could spread to the other split parcel, another blight on the rural neighborhood.

The Sunlight sewer plant would sometimes emit an offensive odor. When I pass the property now it also emits an odor that is attributed to a bad policy combined with politics.

Ken Call
Four Mile

Wear a mask for yourself, others

We live in a society that has rules and expectations. We stop at red lights, take turns at stop signs, listen to teachers at school, don’t steal or punch our neighbors and even wear clothes. We watch our neighbor’s kids after school and take a meal to someone sick or grieving.

If we do all those things and more, why is it such a big deal to wear a flimsy piece of fabric over mouth and nose? Match it to your outfit if you must, but as Nike’s ads said “Just Do It!”

Please wear a mask for yourself and others.

Sandy Sekeres

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