Friday letters: Boebert and vaccinations, Thank you Chelsea, self programming, thanks to city for cleanup, wildfire council, agriculture subsidies, and COVID-19 |

Friday letters: Boebert and vaccinations, Thank you Chelsea, self programming, thanks to city for cleanup, wildfire council, agriculture subsidies, and COVID-19

Afraid of the shot?

I have been reading that unvaccinated people could allow the virus to further mutate and potentially bring about more transmissible and increasingly deadly variants.

Dr Michael Saag, a professor of medicine and infectious diseases at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, said, “Unvaccinated people are basically the cannon fodder of the virus. The virus needs people to infect in order to replicate, and the more people it has that are vulnerable or susceptible to infection, the more likely it will mutate.” 

So why is our U.S. Representative (Lauren) Boebert telling people to not get vaccinations? I cannot think of many things that could be worse for a legislator to do. The three nurses in my family are directly affected by those unvaccinated who are getting the virus. 

Certainly Boebert must have had vaccinations as a child. I’ve lived in 13 states (as an Air Force wife and after), and most of them mandated vaccines for entry in the schools.

Everyone in my family has had two shots, and not one has had anything but a little discomfort. All the weird stories about the harm shots will do are nothing but lies. One wonders if Rep. Boebert is just plain afraid of a little shot.

Kay Delanoy


Thank you, Chelsea

I would like to thank Chelsea Self for the splendid article regarding the town of New Castle’s Dirty Hog Dash in the Post Independent’s July 21 edition. As the article mentioned, there were over 350 participants, ages 4 to 14, from up and down the valleys. This was the third year for this event and could not have successfully happened without the “all hands on deck” dedication from the town’s staff and volunteers. Let’s stay safe and anticipate a fourth year.

Thank you,

Art Riddile 

New Castle mayor

Be in charge of your own programming

Edison transformed us, but not without the skills and technical genius of people like Tesla. So humankind was able to extend its waking hours with a practical light bulb, record sound, watch moving pictures all with the help of electricity. It transformed us as a species. For the first time we went beyond the spoken or written word. 

It was not until the invention of television and its spread and maturity in the 1960s that a man called Marshal McLuhan was able to reflect on its impact on societies. What’s happening today is that media-control is being centralized and weaponized for the elite.

The best way to keep freedom is to be in charge of our own programming. People can’t find the programming they want without a search. People no longer can keep libraries of recordings without ultimately losing them digitally. In other words we are being lead down a rabbit hole or cave without a way out. At the point of no return, out of the darkness, the likes of a tyrant will make a “reveal,” and we will not belong to our history. All will be erased and we will be subjects, not humans. How’s that for a “woke” joke?

Put some context to living. Demand accountability. Keep the faith. Explore libraries of your own history — just simple things that we are losing, forgetting or letting go. Otherwise, the joke will be on whoever’s in charge of this cultural Alzheimer’s.

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction

Cleanup thanks

I would like to thank the city for cleaning up all the trash from the homeless camps behind Walmart. I now sit on my deck and view the gorgeous mountain range across from where I live without seeing all the trash and homeless tents that have been there since I moved to Glenwood in 2018.

Jeff Friedman

Glenwood Springs

We need a Garfield County Wildfire Council

On July 21, three of the five ways out of the Roaring Fork Valley were blocked by mudslides on Highway 82 on Independence pass, Highway 133 and Interstate 70 east. And in reality, Cottonwood Pass is not a good alternative either. 

As a result, Highway 82 was packed. If there had been a major fire in the Roaring Fork Valley, evacuation would have been extremely difficult. This highlights the overwhelming need for Sheriff Lou Vallario to form a Garfield County Wildfire Council to be planning for this kind of event. 

The county commissioners could aid this effort by also encouraging the sheriff to form this council as well as to start holding regular wildfire town halls to get out fire preparedness information.

Let’s not figure this out after we need it.

Jerome Dayton


No to ag subsidies?

I saw on the news that Rep. Lauren Boebert at the CPAC conference in Texas remark that we don’t want government assistance. Does that mean she also doesn’t want agricultural subsidies for her district?

Mike Westmoreland


Cause of the COVID-19 comeback

Could the cause of the COVID-19 comeback we’re seeing be the hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals Biden has allowed into our country in the past six months?

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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