Friday letters: Boebert’s ‘revolution,’ West Glenwood development, wildfire dangers, and Boebert nonsense |

Friday letters: Boebert’s ‘revolution,’ West Glenwood development, wildfire dangers, and Boebert nonsense

About Boebert

Generally the Post Independent does a good job of covering highly relevant issues that affect both our community and our nation. However, there is one issue that ought to be getting more attention. 

In an interview with the New York Times, Illinois Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger recently stated what so many of us here in Garfield county have come to suspect. He said, “When Lauren Boebert — I will call her out by name — tweeted ‘Today is 1776,’ I don’t know what that meant other than this is the time for revolution.” 

This is a pretty big thing to state given the absolute grip the twice impeached, former POTUS has on what used to be the party of Reagan. Kinzinger knows supporting a congressional effort to fully investigate the insurrection, which was encouraged by the former POTUS, is one that will likely end his political career.

Growing up, I always thought the GOP was supposed to be the more patriotic party. I thought protecting our republic and the U.S. Constitution was a paramount tenant. Sadly, that is obviously not the case. When the GOP congressman was asked directly if he thought some of his colleagues in Congress knew beforehand of the insurrection or had a part in it, he simply answered, “I won’t name names, but yes, I do have that suspicion.” At this point he referred to Boebert’s twitter feed. 

We know that Boebert gave tours the day before the insurrection, which by the way were not sanctioned due to COVID protocols. We know that she tweeted out the location of Nancy Pelosi during the insurrection. We know that Boebert pals around with 3 Percenters (just look at her Instagram feed) who have been declared a terrorist organization by Canada. We know that Boebert encourages others to break the law (see her arrest record). We also know that she was recently photographed with a known participant of the insurrection, Anthony Aguero.

Ascendigo is seemingly decided, please move on to the most relevant issue relating to our democracy.

Leo McKinney

Glenwood Springs

West Glenwood development

Regarding the West Glenwood pasture development behind the mall. This is our last open space. What a wonderful pasture we have with horses and ducks and geese. Beautiful Red Mountain is in the background. 

The proposal for 360 units, with 900 vehicles and 1,200 people or so is totally unacceptable for us. We are currently full. The safety and welfare of our people is at stake. 

Glenwood Springs Planning and Zoning unanimously denied this project. We expect City Council to do the same. Please join us on Facebook at West Glenwood Pasture Development. 

The City Council meeting will be on July 29. Please join us and remember, growth for growth’s sake is what cancer does. 

Michael Hoban

West Glenwood Springs

Good points

Please read Bobbie Meriwether’s excellent letter to the editor (July 7) at the next council meeting. She well reminds us of our tragic history with fire specifically in regard to West Glenwood and South Canyon; reminding us of facts considered and conclusions reached after lives were lost.

We are becoming aware of our additional facts regarding traffic and egress from our valley in “normal” commuter, tourist and truck traffic, particularly when there are highway closures.

I have always been against subsidizing developers’ interests. Current residents extend them a financial hand by annexing them into the city and supplying infrastructure. These costs should be part of the development equation not borne by taxpayers. What’s more, adding more faucets and toilets to our water system will lead to water rationing. We are already in odd-even water conservation mode and there is clear and real trouble looming with changing climate. 

We elect city council to protect our interests, not just manage them.

The wildfire dangers inherent with the size location and surrounding topography of the Donegan development are obvious. City council would be blind to reason and climate reality to allow annexation and approval for the pasture development.

Barb Coddington

Glenwood Springs

Enough is enough, Lauren

My question is this: Do the constituents of Colorado’s 3rd District know or care that Lauren Boebert has completely gone off the rails?

I was interested in trying to mend bridges with the GOP’s fringe element after last Jan. 6, but it has become apparent this may be a lost cause.

When I think we have made progress, coming together, like getting Republicans involved in the big infrastructure bill, politicians like Lauren Boebert show me this may be impossible.

Yesterday and today Lauren on her Twitter account said that “Covid19 causes communism in people.”

At times like this I say, what?

And to add insult to injury, today she publicly declared that health care volunteers going door to door looking for senior citizens, and other people without transportation to get vaccinated against COVID-19, are now called “Needle Nazis.”  

Here is my problem: My father was Jewish, and though my mother was Lutheran, I had relatives on my father’s side of our family I will never meet because the real Nazis executed them.

And there is Lauren Boebert spewing whatever nonsense she can almost daily, for what reason?

I just don’t get it.

Like the nice man in Rangley and the nice lady in Pueblo who said they liked what Lauren was doing in Washington DC several months ago, do they still think she is competent to be representing them?

We will see in 2022.

Steven Gluckman

Glenwood Springs

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