Friday letters: Candidate intro and endorsements |

Friday letters: Candidate intro and endorsements

Meet candidate Zalinski

Greetings, I am Erin Zalinski and I will be on the ballot for Glenwood Springs City Council At Large. Many of you know me from my time as the owner of both TreadZ and Toad&Co, now GoodZ. 

Jon and I grew our businesses from nothing into a mainstay of our community. Both businesses were sold in the spring of 2022 allowing me more time to participate in the community. I have kept a keen eye on the Glenwood Springs government over the years and I am ready to become an active part of the process.

As your city councilor, I pledge to:

• Give priority and listen to the voices of Glenwood Springs’ residents

• Support the interest of business in Glenwood Springs and encourage economic diversity

• Provide resources to maintain and improve our infrastructure and recreational assets

• Look to successful neighboring communities for creative solutions to workforce housing

I bring several attributes that will be beneficial to the city council. My recent years in business connect me with the realities of living and working in our community. The issues of staffing, attracting customers to the door, stretching a budget and reacting to unforeseen circumstances beyond your control are on the top of my mind. I know how it is to live paycheck to paycheck and question yearly if you can remain in the valley. These will be valuable perspectives at the council table. I believe leaders should be an ally and resource for our community. I am committed to being that for you, my constituents.

I am a solution-driven, critical thinker and take a collaborative approach to problem solving. I lead through listening rather than dictating. While decisive, I am open to other points of view before forming a conclusion. I seek to fill a role that has great potential to bring the five wards together and be the one to provide cohesion and balance to the council. The challenges of growth, traffic, management of resources and maintenance of infrastructure must be addressed. We need a council that can works together, listens to its constituents and best represents the collective interests of the municipality.

Erin Zalinski, Glenwood Springs

Keep Tony

I first met Tony Hershey when I was on City Council in 2001. We were both wanting to convince RFTA and the communities along the old railroad corridor to replace the track with a pedestrian and bike path. 

It took several years of letter-writing to the papers and meetings with the River and Trails Commissions of the various towns along the path to build the trail. As it turned out, the revenue from the salvage of the rail paid for the construction. This was one of many positions that Tony has taken over the years, especially as a councilman who had the best interest for the community. Tony’s positions on local matters are not based on politics but what is best for the community.

I know when I was on council people could not figure out what party I was affiliated with because of my stance on local issues. Local politics is just that, local. National or state politics should not enter into a person’s decisions when it comes to local concerns. That is why Tony Hershey is good for the city and needs to be there to enlighten his fellow council to what is best for the future of our town. A vote for Tony is a vote for common-sense solutions and someone that is looking out for you.

Don “Hooner” Gillespie, Glenwood Springs

Reelect Willman

Do you know there is a city election coming up? If you live in Glenwood Springs, you should. Local government is the key to getting things done. I know both Ward 3 candidates for City Council. After careful consideration, I urge you to vote for Charlie Willman for three important reasons.

Number one: Charlie listens. He listens to you. Having great ideas and opinions is good, but being able to hear and work toward what the citizens want is critical. He represents you, not his viewpoint. He is honest and will not make promises just to get your vote. What he says he will do, he does.

Number two: Charlie is a realist — seeking practical solutions to real problems. He is thoughtful, sensible and careful in his deliberations and decisions. He has common sense, something which seems to be lacking in so many areas of government. He has and will continue to find practical, financially sound solutions that work for Glenwood now and in the future.

Number three: Ability to work regionally to find local solutions. Glenwood is not alone in the problems it faces. This council needs to be able to work cooperatively with neighboring counties, the state and the feds. Charlie understands that in order to get things done for the good of the citizens of Glenwood, the ability to understand how statewide and regional issues impact Glenwood is a must. 

The capacity to collaborate and cooperate toward long-term sustainable solutions is vital. Charlie’s representation on the Colorado Municipal League’s Board of Directors gives Glenwood a voice statewide on issues like housing, water and transportation — key issues to Glenwood.

Be sure to attend or listen or participate in Glenwood Chamber Resort Association’s Issues and Answers Forum Monday, March 20 from 5:30-7:30 p.m.

I consider Charlie a friend and colleague, just as I do his opponent. The best choice for Glenwood voters in Ward 3 is Charlie Willman if you want your voice to be heard. A vote for Charlie is a vote for your interest in Glenwood Springs.

Kathryn (Trauger) Taggart, Glenwood Springs

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