Friday letters: Climate ‘hysteria,’ disgusted with Boebert, slow down and give to the poor

Chicken Little hysteria

On Nov. 21,1977 TIME magazine’s cover featured a penguin with the headline, “How to survive the coming ice age” — a headline inspired by the science of the time and inflamed by the Chicken Littles of the day.

Now, the science says we’re going to fry instead of freeze, and the Chicken Little hysteria has metastasized into stage-4 idiocy. Back then, most folks chuckled at such silliness. Now, Dem climate fanatics (Fred Malo letter, 12/4) have pushed goofy green globalism into gutting U.S. greatness.

Fossil-fuel energy is the cornerstone of our economy. We will burn the same amount of fossil fuel whether it’s domestic or imported. But, the Dems would rather buy dirtier energy from our enemies than use our own cleaner energy that supplies American jobs.

China vomits 2 1/2 times more pollution than the U.S. and more than all industrialized nations on Earth combined. Yet, the woke chicken liberals always blame America first. 

And, Fred never fails to denigrate our GarCo commissioners whom he’s said are too old, too white and stuck in the past.

I believe those of us with seven decades of real life experience should be valued. Especially those who give their precious time in public service. So, Tom, Mike and John: I salute your public service and accomplished leadership. 

Fred’s Dems have inflicted needless hardships on us in pursuit of a naive, idealistic Eden on Earth. Eventually, we will wean ourselves from fossil fuels when we have the technology and means to replace them. Now is not that time!

Bruno Kirchenwitz, Rifle


I saw in the evening news that our supposed representative — and I use the term extremely loosely — was one of only a handful of Congress persons to vote against awarding Capitol Police officers medals for their actions in response to the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection that would have demolished our democratic republic according to the U.S. Constitution in favor of a traitorous dictator.

She claimed it was just a political shtick. Ms. Boebert, you are the political sham here, not those Capitol Police who were real heroes. You should be ashamed of yourself, but I’m sure you aren’t. You represent only one thing, yourself, just like your God on Earth in Mara Lago.

Ken Neubecker, Glenwood Springs

Slow down, give savings

Inflation takes from us, including a portion of what we usually give to the needy. So, how to give more when we have less? One possible answer: What we save by driving the speed limit on highways, we can give to the poor. We also might save the poor unnecessary and costly misery, as well. 

Saving the gas and money is the easy part. The best selling car in America in 2021 (Toyota Camry) gets 35.9 mpg at 65 mph. At 80 mph, it gets 28% less, 28 mpg. 

Drive 65, and you spend 28% less on fuel. Over a year in that same car, 10 miles a day at 80 mph using gas at $3.60 per gallon costs $467. At 65 mph, that same gas would cost $365. Savings: $102. That’s $102 to give to the needy. 

Say you drive 10 times more highway miles per year than this example; that’s $1,020 for the needy. The average American drives 12,785 miles per year, so about 35 miles per day. Same car driven 12,785 miles at 65 instead of 80, saves $357. 

Bonus: By driving highway speed limits, we are automatically charitable and, on a global level, by virtue of what we don’t give: CO₂. 

If we are using 28% less fuel, that’s also 28% less CO₂ (and methane!). How does that help the poor? Consider: If CO₂ emissions impact extreme weather and extreme weather too often targets zones typically populated by the poorest of the poor (floodplains!), then 28% less CO₂ should mean less powerful events less often. That’s 28% less misery and hardship for the most vulnerable on the planet.

Maybe we can’t personally slow down inflation, but everyone of us can slow down. It’s good for us all (including the environment). And, turns out, it’s good for giving. 

I hope this helps relieve some of the worry of how to find the resources to give as generously as we always have this holiday season, inflation or not! 

Wayne Sheldrake, Salida

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