Friday letters: Diane Mitsch Bush, lift one another, water needs, Joyce Rankin, Amendment B, Lauren Boebert, Republican socialism, Soto and Robinson, and we are better than this |

Friday letters: Diane Mitsch Bush, lift one another, water needs, Joyce Rankin, Amendment B, Lauren Boebert, Republican socialism, Soto and Robinson, and we are better than this

Mitsch Bush listens to all points of view

As a 42 year resident of Colorado Congressional District 3 and a former Gunnison County Commissioner, I had the privilege to work with Diane Mitsch Bush while she was in the state Legislature. I say “privilege” because she was always positive, effective and truly caring about the needs of her constituents. Mitsch Bush has that knack for listening to all points of view and creating solutions to problems which incorporate those differing opinions, which we experience with too few politicians these days.

I hope you will join me in voting for Diane Mitsch Bush because of these attributes, and because she will work across the aisle in Congress to solve our serious challenges. Mitsch Bush has the experience, productive local relationships and energy which we so sorely need from our Congressional representative.

Jim Starr
Crested Butte

In trying times, the best have lifted one another

As my wife and I complete our first year as Glenwood Springs residents, I would like to thank the Greater Glenwood Springs community for being a home we truly have felt a part of. The past eight months have provided trying times in multiple parts of life. Having spent four years as a crisis clinician in Florida before moving to Colorado, I have seen and been close to individuals at their most vulnerable and trying times as well as assisted with those in the community whose professions are first on scene during the point of crisis. I, too, have experienced life events that have brought me to my knees and taken time and assistance from others to strengthen from. Community is the solution to the isolation and helplessness one individually feels from fear.

Many have felt fear from having no idea what the Grizzly Creek Fire would ultimately become. Many feel fear from the coronavirus regaining it’s grip on American life and the health of our family, friends and economy. In trying times, I remember what a past mentor shared with me. “It is impossible to be afraid of the unknown. What we ultimately fear is loss of the known.” As we transition into November where we experience political polarization so very present, Glenwood Springs can best lean into community health, wellness and economic success at the individual and community levels by being reminded that we are not alone. We have come together as a community to walk through the first wave of the virus and made it through the wildfire with no structural loss and most importantly no loss of human life. We have had leaders and experts in the medical, forestry, emergency, public health and many more from both inside and outside our community contribute to helping us using best practices and their past experiences. No matter what comes, we are best served helping lifting up our fellow brothers and sisters as we have. In trying times, the best have lifted one another — our collective faith in our Glenwood neighbors rather than our individual fear handling the loss of our own individual known.

Adam Kohlruss
Glenwood Springs

Vote Hanlon for SD8

A vote for Karl Hanlon is a vote for integrity in government. I urge you to vote for Hanlon for Senate District 8. I have known Hanlon for 20 years. In all my interactions with him, one thing consistently rises to the top. Hanlon makes all his decisions with integrity, from his broad-based knowledge, after careful thought and with wise deliberation to all sides of each issue.
During the past eight years, I have worked with Hanlon as City Attorney of Glenwood Springs and I never hesitate to reach out to him to obtain his well-reasoned opinion on the tough issues. Hanlon has helped lead the city through its opposition to the RMI mine proposal, through difficult COVID-19 impacts and now is helping us navigate the threat to the city’s water system resulting from the Grizzly Creek Fire.

Hanlon is a leader in all aspects of his work. He is a collaborator helping reach consensus decisions that are the best for everyone not just for one side or the other. I know that Hanlon will bring these leadership skills and his broad knowledge of the issues facing the state of Colorado to make the right decisions for all.

Please vote for Hanlon. It is the right decision for integrity and honesty as your Senate District 8 representative.

Charlie Willman
Glenwood Springs

More education needed on water needs, concerns

I agree with David Merritt in his Oct. 23 letter to the Post Independent, for the most part. His knowledge of water issues far exceeds mine, but I am trying to become informed. I listened to the last meeting of the Conservation District, which included representatives from Denver Water, University of Colorado, and officials from a couple of the down river compact states. As Mr. Merritt notes, the situation is dire. As climate warming marches forward, it is unlikely to improve. Addressing climate warming is the only way to address the disease and not the symptom. One startling statistic shows warming at 12% in western Colorado, the highest in the country.

When water restrictions prompted me to call Matt Langhorst of the city of Glenwood wondering how we can entertain the development at the West Glenwood mall in addition to the big plans for north of Walmart, when water continues to be a diminishing resource, he assured me that Glenwood has water rights galore. He mentioned Grizzly, Shoshonee, No Name and a Roaring Fork River draw. (I welcome his corrections to this conversation. These are things we all need to know). His assertion was that development in Glenwood would never be limited by lack of water. I wonder about water rights when there is no water flowing.

We need more education from Matt and David Merritt. Please tell us how we can protect our western water supply as it pertains to ballot issue 7A when every drop appears to be legally claimed by thirsty downstream compact parties, Denver water or rights of entities like Glenwood Springs. Sounds like you would need “lawyers, guns and money” for this mess, not money for reservoir and ditch improvement.

Please better educate people like me rather than first asking for funding.
And why oh why for the past two years I have heard these meetings is there no mention of the millions of gallons of water used in oil and gas production for each well, often removed from the hydrological cycle by deep well injection. This can’t continue, and no one even talks about it.

Barb Coddington
Glenwood Springs

Joyce Rankin is genuinely concerned about students

I hope you join me in voting for Joyce Rankin to continue to represent the 3rd Congressional District on the State Board of Education. She has extensive experience in teaching elementary school students. Joyce has a background in technology, as well.

During this time of distance learning, she has a clear understanding of what the teachers are going through and the challenges facing parents with students learning at home online. With all the distractions in daily lives, Rankin has continued to focus on the need for students to read. She has stated that the challenges we currently face will be resolved, but a child who cannot read is destined to struggle for a lifetime. Educational priorities are often determined by how people feel; Rankin is clear about the most important role of a teacher, it’s to prepare students to become successful readers. We need Rankin on the State Board of Education.

Rankin is genuinely concerned about students. She knows how to listen and is thoughtful about decision making at the state level reflecting the concerns and needs of rural, western Colorado. Her educational background, teaching experience and knowledge of computer software make her a timely and perfect candidate to represent the Third Congressional District on the State Board of Education. She deserves our vote!

Darrin Smith
Glenwood Springs

To our Roaring Fork Valley friends and neighbors

At a time when the ugliness of partisan politics dominates the media, we come together as residents of Eagle, Garfield, and Pitkin counties, to ask for your support of Amendment B to repeal the Gallagher Amendment. Amendment B was referred to Colorado voters by a large majority of both Republican and Democrat legislators. The Gallagher Amendment was created in 1982 and inserted a formula into our state Constitution that assumes a one-size-fits-all approach to property taxes. Fast-forward almost 40 years, and the Colorado tax landscape is much different today from what it was then.

Over the years, Gallagher’s one-size-fits-all approach has grown more and more lopsided, providing deep property tax breaks to the state’s wealthiest Front Range neighborhoods, while draining budgets in rural communities and piling the taxes onto local small businesses. An additional result is that schools and special districts (including fire, hospital, water and sewer) are stuck in a cycle of constant budget cuts, with a new round of shortfalls due next year.

During the time of this pandemic when so many of our small, local businesses are struggling just to stay afloat, Gallagher continues to crush them under a tax burden that is more than four times that of homeowners. If we do nothing, that shoots up to five times greater next year.

The good news is we can fix this without increasing property taxes. Amendment B repeals the outdated, lopsided Gallagher Amendment and freezes property tax rates. The only way the rate could increase in the future is by a vote of the people.

We encourage your “yes” vote on Referendum B. It levels the playing field for rural, small town Coloradans, for our local businesses and for our Roaring Fork Valley communities.


Norman Bacheldor, Eagle County
Kathleen K. Barger, Garfield County
Lauren Cornish, Pitkin County
Roger Hennefeld, Eagle County
Ferdinand (Tito) J. Liotta, MD, Garfield County
Roaring Fork Valley Representatives to Colorado Mountain College Foundation

Boebert is the most focused on our Constitution

Suppose John F. Kennedy was running for president in 2020. Could you imagine the shock and radical right wing name calling if he were to say, “ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” Of course, JFK lived in a patriotic day before Johnson’s welfare state of the War on Poverty (1964). The past decade has seen a race of bottom-dwellers to be fellow members of the Venezuela Club economically with Santa Claus (D) campaigning against Santa Claus (R); both promising different levels of “what your country can do for you.” Balderdash! Socialism doesn’t work! Robin Hood was a thief! Strong, selfless families and churches function much better as they ask what they can do for their community. Unfortunately, the losing War on Poverty has destroyed millions of families with a government check replacing fathers. (Sigh.)
Our choice is clear for U.S. Representative of Congressional District 3 in Lauren Boebert as she is the most focused on our Constitution and limiting the federal government in its interference of the states’ rights. Her constitutional voting record will be accessible for all to see as she seeks the goal of 100%; well above Scott Tipton’s career 65%, and even further above most all of the socialist representatives averaging less than 25% Constitutionally. When Lauren takes the oath of office in January, she will be swearing to defend the Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic; not the Republican Party, and not the President.

Far too many politicians have turned their back on the Constitution for the spineless motto of, “meeting in the center of the aisle.” No legislation is better than unConstitutional legislation.

And to the Constitutional Republic for which it stands.

Jerry Law
Glenwood Springs

Republican socialism

Question: Isn’t all of the federal aid paid to the farmers due to the tariffs the president put on their products going to China classified as socialism? Many Republicans have expressed outrage and opposition to socialism, claiming that the Democrats support it. This is their battle cry. Apparently, this is selective outrage to socialism. Also, it is perfectly fine for Republicans to support all of the tax breaks to the oil and gas industry — more socialism. Could this be hypocrisy instead of democracy at work? Just asking.

Please consider the true meaning of socialism and how it is currently selectively applied. Don’t listen to the lies. Actions speak louder than words.
FYI: I am an Independent so I am not beholden to either party.

Melissa Waters

Soto and Robinson will serve with grace and dignity

Here’s something to think about in the races for Garfield County Commissioner: Incumbent John Martin has been in office since 1996, and Mike Samson has been a commissioner since 2008. It’s time to get rid of these career politicians.

Beatriz Soto and Leslie Robinson have each worked hard for years to make our county a better place to live. They are in touch with our communities and the many challenges we face. The Board of County Commissioners has huge impact on people’s lives. Soto and Robinson will serve all Garfield County residents with grace and dignity.

Allyn Harvey

We are better than this

Are we so immune to the horrors in our world and the lack of leadership and empathy in our democracy that we ignore the headline that at least 545 children, separated from their parents when they sought protection and care, cannot now be reunited with family? Instead, many are more concerned that bars and gyms cannot be opened, that schools remain under scrutiny, and oh my, the football game was canceled!

As we look forward to a season of family, and tradition, and introspection, and New Year’s resolutions, perhaps we can consider the impacts of loss of loved ones, the lack of interest in our role in the protection of our remarkable democracy, the community violence, lack of informed or visionary leadership, and more. The People’s House (White House) belongs to all of us. We need to take it back. With compassionate leadership and appropriate participation. It truly does take a village. We are better than this.

Dorothea Farris
Crystal Valley

Mitsch Bush knows and understands needs of Coloradans

I am writing to express my support for Diane Mitsch Bush to be the next representative for Congressional District 3. Having served in the Colorado House of Representatives, Mitsch Bush brings a wealth of experience with her. She knows and understands the needs of Coloradans including water rights, agriculture and public health, among other things. She knows about legislating and getting things done. She knows how to work from a place of leadership as opposed to dissention.

Her opponent lacks the aforementioned qualities and experience, and she routinely ignores laws when it suits her. From keeping her restaurant open during the pandemic (despite a state ruling against doing so), to bringing an unlicensed food truck to an event where numerous people fell ill, to traffic violations and warrants gone unanswered, her disregard for public safety and the rule of law is evident. This begs the question of how this behavior would translate in a political role.

Vote Diane Mitsch Bush for Congress. She is knowledgeable and experienced and will cross the aisle for the betterment of Colorado. We need a steady hand during this challenging time and not a pistol. (Pun intended.)

Jill Fink

Vallario shouldn’t endorse Boebert

Ever since I read the text that popped up letting me know that Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallario is happily endorsing Lauren Boebert for Congressional District 3, I have been angry and sad that our county’s top law enforcer would stand behind someone who so flippantly ignores laws and flaunts her law-breaking like it is something in which to be proud. I think what this tells me is that Sheriff Lou is more concerned about his politics than about the quality of the candidate. He would rather stand behind a Republican — no matter who — than truly consider who would actually work to make CD3 better for all residents. He says he supports “law and order” but if he did, he would be calling Ms. Boebert to task for ignoring it. Sheriff Lou, you are letting your county down with this endorsement.

Zuleika Pevec

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