Friday letters: Drag shows, rural housing, renters credit |

Friday letters: Drag shows, rural housing, renters credit

Afraid for future

The fact that anyone in their right mind would think it is OK for grown men to dress as women and perform in front of anyone — let alone young children — is just absurd to me. 

And the fact that parents would take their kids to such an event on purpose is even more absurd! And these events are publicized and glorified in the media! 

Call me homophobic, transphobic or whatever other buzzword fits your critique of me; I am not afraid of these people. What I am afraid of, deathly afraid of, is for my five granddaughters’ well-being. They are growing up in a world where there is no longer right and wrong, where we are expected to be tolerant of any moral anomaly regardless of the fallout it creates.

I don’t buy it.

As my Detroit City Madman hero Ted Nugent says, “I will not comply.” God help us all.

Bill Sanderson, New Castle

Resist rural development

Garfield County is a beautiful, rural area that is known for its stunning natural landscapes and quiet, peaceful way of life.

However, as the county grows and develops, there is a risk that this unique character could be lost. That’s why it’s so important to keep Garfield County rural and resist — as much as possible — the temptation to expand housing developments outside of the established municipalities.

It’s important to note that putting the responsibility of housing development on the county rather than the established townships can have serious consequences for infrastructure. 

Townships have already invested in building the necessary infrastructure, such as water, electric, septic systems and roads, to support their communities. Expanding development outside of these areas could strain these resources and cause them to fail, leading to significant costs for taxpayers within the towns and traffic issues.

In recent years, there has been a rise in campaigns such as “Not in My Backyard” (NIMBY), which seek to restrict developments within cities and towns. I would encourage residents who live within townships to contemplate the side effects of not allowing growth within their town.

By keeping development within the established townships and respecting the wishes of the local communities, we can ensure that Garfield County remains a beautiful, rural area for generations to come.

Caleb Waller, Silt

Yes to renters’ credit

I join Sarah McVoy Miller’s call on Congress to pass a renters’ tax credit to assure millions of Americans no longer pay 50% and more of their income for rent (“Address housing federally” by Sarah McVoy Miller, 4/12 letters.

This would slow the flow to evictions and homelessness. If we all call on those who represent us to pass this and other equity initiatives like renewing the expanded Child Tax Credit, America will be on its way to a home of hope for all.

Willie Dickerson, Snohomish, Washington

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