Friday letters: Electrify, missing info, Heyday thanks

Electrification via nuclear has merit

We are in trouble with the carbon-dioxide emissions unless we make a change to full electrification. The nuclear reactors that power our submarines and aircraft carriers have a fail safe to prevent a meltdown reaction. 

I read that, in the past 50 years, they have never had a major accident. They’ve also managed to store the radioactive waste safely. I think small scale nuclear reactors should be used to amplify our grid. This will replace carbon-based sources of energy for transportation and home-energy use. 

The time is now to lower the atmospheric temperature problem from excessive CO2. Greenland for example, is 2,000 miles long and 1,000 miles wide, and it is covered with two miles thick of ice. The consequences of this melting could be catastrophic — and that is not taking into account an estimated five times as much ice above Antarctica. Just as scientists have said, we are already beginning to see the consequences of global warming through extreme weather events.

In terms of powering the needs of our society, it certainly is pick your poison. Small-scale nuclear reactors amplifying the grid are more manageable than dealing with the consequences of increasing the world-wide heat blanket from fossil-fuel emissions.

Joe Mollica, Glenwood Springs

Heyday thanks

The Silt Heyday Committee would like to thank all the contributors that helped to make the 52nd Silt Heyday a success. This includes all those who donated financial support, door prizes and services. Because of you, we were able to provide a Home Town Celebration at Veterans Park in Silt and provide a venue for fundraising for our own Silt Historical Society and Silt Historical Park.    

We want to give special thanks to our lead sponsors.           

We wish to thank all the people who donated their time for Silt Heyday, including: our parade entrants and parade judges; our grand marshals, Garfield County 4H; the Silt Police Department who raised our park flag; Colorado River Fire Rescue and their “Touch a Truck Program,” our booth providers; security volunteers; Silt Historical Society friends in the kitchen and in the beer booth, the town of Silt employees; and all of the others that helped as we celebrated “Community Grows Here.”

Thanks to our bands, Feeding Giants, Exit 42 and The Real Deal Band.

If we forgot anyone, it is not intentional. And, we thank you, too: It was difficult to keep track of all the work going on.

Without all of this support, we could not have done it. 

Peggy Swank, on behalf of the Silt Heyday Committee (Justin Brintnall, Levy Burris, Chris Classen, Tela Forehand, Sheila McIntyre, Joan Nestor, Kim Price, Sydney Reynolds, Robin Robinson, Hope Stewart and Peggy Swank).

Riffe is wrong

Adele Riffe (8/31 letters) believes abortions are illegal and goes into a protracted argument about it leaving innocents in the wake. This radical diatribe is missing basic information. The problem is it infects others who believe it.

Fred Stewart, Grand Junction

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