Friday letters: Fate of America, critical stage of virus, pandemic conspiracy, Trump’s con |

Friday letters: Fate of America, critical stage of virus, pandemic conspiracy, Trump’s con

Heartbreak and hope

The heartbreak is the 300,000 lives lost to COVID in 2020 and 3,000 more each day. The food insecurity and people being evicted from their homes, under the leadership of Trump and the Republicans, and trying to totally destroy our democracy, is so much part of the hearbreak.

The hope is Joe Biden and Kamala Harris going to the White House to restore some sense of decency, honesty and civility once again. The great hope is the vaccine, which is being administered at this time to the front-line workers and doctors in the hospitals across our great nation.

Even though Trump has lied over 30,000 times in the past four years and destroyed our standing in the world as the shining light on the hill, the willfully blind people following him are a mystery to those of us who recognize his lies almost every time he opens his mouth. The only explanation is, they are so very scared of the brown and black people having some power in America. The Republicans have declared war against democracy by being silent about Trump’s racism and lies.

The hope for America is in the hands of the youth of our country and those born after 9/11; growing up with the insecurities of our government unable to keep us safe from foreign powers like Saudi Arabia, Russia, Turkey and North Korea. These are the countries Trump embraced in his presidency. He distanced himself from our allies and made us the laughing stock of the world.

The fate of America is in the hands of the youth of our country. The gun violence, the climate crisis and the racial injustice are some of the challenges they must face, along with the financial crisis this pandemic has inflicted upon them. I believe in them and I believe in America. We will survive as a democracy.

Linda Carr

We are in the most critical stage of the virus’ spread

It is reasonable to estimate the many thousands of lives that would have been saved had President Donald Trump followed science and public health experts and acted sooner to fight COVID-19. Likewise, here in Garfield County, our commissioners continue to ignore the experts.

We are solidly in the most critical red stage of the virus’ spread. Deaths are increasing daily. Trump owns multitudes of deaths. How many will John Martin, Tom Jankovsky and Mike Samson come forward to claim?

Dean Moffatt
Glenwood Springs

Why do so many perceive pandemic as a conspiracy?

I am curious why we have not yet seen the worldwide pandemic as analagous to World War III. Is it because 73 million Americans perceive the pandemic as a conspiracy? To make us wear masks? Do we not even wonder who has such incredible influence as to perpetrate this massive, deadly hoax in all the countries on the planet? Or could it be that there truly is a virus that has killed over 300,000 Americans, plus 3,000-plus daily now? That’s twice the number of the next hardest hit country, India, which has four times our population. So much winning.

John Hoffmann

There is a con going on right now

It saddens me to read that so many people are still hanging on to the belief that Donald Trump will somehow rise from the ashes to lead our country again after losing the election to Joe Biden. Trump voters have as much right to their opinion as I do, but it concerns me that they haven’t seen the forest through the trees yet. On Tuesday, Mitch McConnell confirmed that Joe Biden is the next president, and on Monday the Electoral College confirmed this fact.

I am not mad or angry at my friends and family who are Republican, I just feel they are a little misguided.

If there is, in fact, a media bias in our country, say CNN, MSNBC, being pro-Democrat/liberal, then what shall we call Fox News, NewsMax or OANN? Right wing news?

So much misinformation has been thrown around this election cycle. When did the truth stop appealing to those who want to know what is going on around them?

There is a con going on right now that the world is aware of. Trump is asking his supporters to finance his legal battle with the courts over the election, when in fact that is now a moot point; it is over. There is nothing left for him to do, except to rile up his voter base into not accepting an outcome. It makes me wonder: What if Trump told his supporters that they must all jump off a cliff, how many would do it? Lin Wood, one of his lawyers said yesterday that everyone should stock up on water, food, ammunition and guns. Why would he say that? There is not going to be a revolution, there will be no new confederacy, there will only be America in all its splendor.

We have a vaccine now. We have a new president now. We must all wear masks now; on our own without prodding from anyone. We all can move on from Donald Trump now, and find our lives again after this pandemic.
If anyone still believes after Jan. 20 that our election was rigged I suggest that those people should never vote again. Stay home, never be engaged in our Democracy. But you would be missing out on so much.

Steven Gluckman
Glenwood Springs

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