Friday letters: Glenwood airport, Leslie Robinson, Covid restrictions, LIFT-UP |

Friday letters: Glenwood airport, Leslie Robinson, Covid restrictions, LIFT-UP

Is city considering slaying the golden airport goose for one egg?

The recent article in the Post Independent about City Council questioning the expenditure to save the airport had me questioning their financial savvy. Our community over and over again has asked that the airport be left as it is. There may not be a line item in any city budget, but there are computations that prove it brings jobs, income and benefit to our community.

Our airport:

Doesn’t cost the city any money to operate

Is used as a helibase to keep our homes and businesses from burning up

Is used by Flight For Life, provides jobs and saves lives

Is used by tourists to fly into Glenwood Springs to spend money

Can be used as an alternate access when I-70 is closed

The land for the airport was deeded to the city to be used in perpetuity as an airport

Is vital for doctors, firefighters and search and rescue to use for rapid response in an emergency

Has hangar structures that were offered to evacuees in 2005

Has offered local and quality pilot training programs that have resulted in pilots being highly trained to serve in the military and commercial airlines
The Airport and Pilot’s Association has estimated that the airport brings from $3 million to $6 million annually into community coffers

Many small business owners operate in Glenwood because of the airport
Imagine a scenario where I-70 is closed in both directions by Silt and the canyon and you have a loved one who can’t get to critical care services because of no airport?

Imagine a scenario where the city can save $5 million that could be used to redo neighborhoods, streets and infrastructure when the airport can generate that value in two years?

Our small community airport has been in operation since 1937, quietly benefitting the city’s bottom line during its existence. By my calculations, that’s 83 years of service, convenience, income and life and home saving value.

Stephanie Stanfield
Glenwood Springs

Robinson ready to reduce rights

When failed candidate for county commissioner, Leslie Robinson, said at the Nov. 8 Garfield County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) meeting that sanctions should be considered for businesses and citizens who violate COVID mandates, I personally was shocked.

Candidates and elected officials in the progressive party all too often forget who and for what they are working. Does Leslie Robinson believe that our professional and equipped medical staff at both ends of the valley aren’t capable of handling the minimal cases that end up needing medical help? Does Ms. Robinson believe that a 99.9% recovery rate justifies hindering already struggling businesses? Is Ms. Robinson not aware of the toll that these restrictions are having on mental health in our community? I can’t help but believe Ms. Robinson is very out of touch.

Ms. Robinson added to her “bring the hammer” diatribe that a COVID Task Force should be implemented right away. To do what exactly? Eyeball every mom and pop shop to ensure mask adherence? Monitor local schools to verify social distancing requirements are being met?

I’m more concerned about the divisiveness this mindset is spreading.
Government is here to support the freedoms of the individual. Government takes an oath to uphold constitutional protections and to base laws and mandates off of those protections. Leslie Robinson’s public statements at the BOCC online meeting this week prove that she isn’t watching out for your rights, but she sure is ready to reduce them so she feels safer.

Sherronna Bishop

Our health is more important than tourist destinations

There will be no thriving economy if we don’t curb the exponential growth of the virus.

Tom Jankovsky saying, “You’re going to have a stubborn Board of County Commissioners on this issue,” is not a reasoned comment.

I, too, am tired of staying home, but we must see this as a temporary but long sacrifice we should make. How about considering the impact on our health care workers? Would you or could you put in the work they are doing every day?

The world wars were much longer and had many sacrifices, but we survived and thrived.

Please reconsider the resistance to further restrictions.

Sandy Sekeres

Link City Market card to LIFT-UP

Did you know you can link your City Market card to LIFT-UP? When you do, a donation will be made to this worthy organization every time you shop (at no cost you), which is especially important at this time. COVID-19 has impacted our friends and neighbors, and more and more folks are becoming food insecure.

This would be a wonderful way to celebrate Thanksgiving. Please consider making a direct donation or linking your City Market card to LIFT-UP. Just visit the City Market website, click on “Kroger Community Rewards” at the bottom of the page, and sign up. It will only take a moment.

Marjorie MacDonald

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