Friday letters: Glenwood developments, broken health care system, slow down, and bike lanes |

Friday letters: Glenwood developments, broken health care system, slow down, and bike lanes

Small-town character gone

We are so angry about what has been going on with developments in Glenwood Springs the past few years. Small town character is basically gone. For what is left, we need to stop developments and, like a business, take stock and inventory. When we do this inventory we will see what we have and later what we need.

To most of us, we are at the critical point of no return. The further on this path we go, the worse it gets.

Glenwood has always been a very special place. All the amenities we have are at least world class. Then why are we trying to choke ourselves to death?

Our job is not to provide high density units for the masses. Our job is to take care of the safety and welfare of our residents. Our job is to take care of our very special home.

Michael Hoban

Glenwood Springs

Let’s join the Peak team

We have a broken health care system where we live here in Garfield County. Individual health care providers, (i.e. health care workers, nurses, doctors, small health care providers), are generally over-worked and, in a lot of cases, underpaid. The care these people provide is extraordinary. 

The issue is not them; the problem is the large providers and insurance companies. We pay 2 1/2 to three times more than other places in our state. 

It is estimated that approximately 20% of the residents are uninsured in our county. The No. 1 cause of bankruptcy is health care costs. Out-of-pocket expenses are astronomical. Garfield County has one of the most expensive health insurance rates in the country. The current pricing and health care system is not sustainable. 

A solution that is “on the table,” currently, is Peak Health Alliance. Peak Health Alliance is attempting to reduce costs here in Garfield County. Peak Health Alliance is a nonprofit that has reduced insurance and health care costs in seven other counties in Colorado. There’s no reason it will not work here, also. 

Peak is more than willing to work with Valley View Hospital, Grand River Health and our limited insurance companies, to try to reduce health care costs and, therefore, insurance costs. Let’s all encourage Valley View Hospital and Grand River Health to join the team. 

Great affordable health care and affordable health insurance are not mutually exclusive. Garfield County is a great place to live and needs to lose the highest health care system cost moniker. 

Richard Backe

Glenwood Springs

Slow down in town

Have you seen the signs? The little green signs all along Grand Avenue reading “Take a Minute/Slow Down in Town.”

The businesses and homes along Highway 82 are united in their belief that we, as a community, must protect our downtown corridor from becoming the fast-lane to somewhere else. 

Want to make the world a better place? Begin today — lay off the gas, relax and cruise Grand Avenue’s green time. We can make it safer for the families who still call this address home, everyone at our high school and the hundreds of customers and employees coming and going from our local businesses.

Take a minute — it’s just a 60-second time difference between attempting to speed and respecting this community’s local speed limit. Be a positive influencer; start today on your daily drive.

Take A Minute, Slow Down in Town (maybe even on the street you live).

Diane Reynolds

Glenwood Springs

Carbondale bike lanes objection 

(This letter was originally addressed to the Carbondale Board of Trustees.)

Cleveland Place HOA strenuously objects to the current recommendation for the Eighth Street Corridor Project. 

Based on the data collected, we believe that the current iteration is an unnecessary expenditure that does not address the issue it was designed to resolve and ignores input from the surrounding community that will be most impacted by the project. 

We specifically oppose the inclusion of 9-foot sidewalks on both sides of Eighth Street and the complete loss of parking on the west side of Eighth Street. 

In addition, the negative impacts on trees and permeable surfaces, snow removal, trash collection and mail delivery were given insufficient consideration throughout the decision-making process.

There is a real need for accessible, safe sidewalks, but the levels of bike and pedestrian use in this area do not necessitate 9-foot side-paths on both sides of Eighth Street.

The current proposal features 18 feet of sidewalk width, while initial proposals were for 13 feet or less. No explanation has been provided for the additional sidewalk space, which is 80% wider than the connecting Rio Grande Trail and was deemed unnecessary by the paid third-party consultants. 

The full packet was not presented to the public during the final Bike/Ped commission vote. 

It is our hope that the board will consider the collective voice of Cleveland Place HOA when casting the final vote and oppose this plan. We believe that in making the current recommendation the Bike, Pedestrian and Trails Commission is not fulfilling its mission to “promote the health, safety, order, convenience and general welfare of the town and its citizens.” 

The impacts on citizens in the surrounding area are as important as the scope of the town’s surveys and consultants’ recommendations. We appreciate your consideration in moving toward a more balanced solution.

Sheri Gaynor, Cleveland Place I and II HOA


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